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legislation and explanation

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Legislation Explanation How it affects employees How it affects employers. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 This act makes further provision for securing the health, safety and welfare for people at work. This act protects them from any risk related to health and safety. In 1974 approximately 8million employees had no legal safety protection at work. This act protects employees and the public from work activities. Employees must comply with the act ,they must: * Take care of their own health and safety and also of others. * Must not interfere with anything provided in the interest of health and safety. * Co-operate with fellow employees. ...read more.


Employment Rights Act 1996 This is where an employee begins employment with an employer. Gives employees the right to a written contract after two months of work for maternity leave , minimum period notice, right to redundancy and whether they want to work on a Sunday Employees have to educate staff about steps that they have to take in order Sex Discrimination Act 1975 This act protects men and women from discrimination on the grounds of gender. This means that employers can not discriminate an employee, on the grounds of gender. This means that both women and men can apply for any job. Employers are responsible for unlawful acts of discrimination carried out by their employees in the course of their employment. ...read more.


It is for the employer to show that such a factor exists and that it is the real reason for the difference. Race relations (amended) act 2000 This gives public authority a general duty to promote race equality and good relations between people of different races. This means that employees can have an impact on the local community. This way employee's are entitled to promote race equality. Under legislation both the individual and the organisation are liable for acts of discrimination. Employers will not be liable if they can prove that they took reasonable steps such as the CRE's code of practice in employment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kasha Regisford 11be P3 ...read more.

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