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Legislations & Applied To Businesses

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Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 This act ensures that the businesses must provide a safe and healthy environment for their staff and for their customers. Both employers and employees have a duty to make sure that the working area was safe so they cannot endanger themselves or towards customers. Morrisons must make sure that before beginning any lifting manoeuvre their employees, check that the weight is manageable, the area of lift is clear and the exit path is clear. If the lifting manoeuvre is complex, Morrisons must make sure that they use enough people because to avoid danger and reduce the risk of injury from these operations and to customers. Morrisons will have to require more equipment, safety procedures and training for their employees so they are well trained for circumstances that may endanger their health which ...read more.


Businesses cannot put up notice saying 'NO REFUNDS.' If Morrisons said that their wedges could be cooked in a microwave, it must be able to satisfy the customer for the wedges to be ready for the customer to eat straight away from the microwave without any obligations. Morrisons will need to check their products again if it is defective or it is unsuitable for customer use, the supplier then can face severe penalties. Consumer Protection Act 1987 This act refers to selling of unsafe goods, which a customer may be allowed to take the manufacturer or producer to court if the defective product causes any loss or damage. Also this act refers to misleading customers and selling illegal products which breech in to the safety regulations. ...read more.


One of the '123 reasons to shop at Morrisons' may be false, which staff will be needed to find the problem so it can be solved efficiently because time is money. Trade Descriptions ACT 1968 Descriptions given to any goods or services offered in a commercial transaction. It is a criminal offence in England and Wales under the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 to apply a false description to any goods, or to supply goods or services bearing a false description. A false description may apply in advertising the goods, as well as at the point of sale. If Morrisons say that the customer will get their cars refueled by a member of staff when really the customers has to do it him or her self, this would breech this act so Morrisons must make sure if it is available or true and if their staff are willing to provide this service. ...read more.

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