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Leisure Administration and Development

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Leisure Administration and Development The Management of Leisure and Tourism Services List of contents Page No 1. Introduction 3 Main findings 2. Marketing Mix 4 3. Recruitment 5 3.1 Staff Shortages 6 3.2 Recruitment Costs 7 3.3 Recruitment Laws 7 3.4 Training and Development 8 3.5 Grievance and Discipline 10 3.6 Manpower Planning 11 4. Leisure Programming 12 4.1 Methods of Programming 13 4.2 Common Mistakes 14 5. Managing Money 16 5.1 Capital Expenditure 17 5.2 Revenue Expenditure 17 5.3 Control of Income 18 5.4 Budgeting 18 5.5 Cash Flow 19 6. Conclusion 20 7. References 22 1. INTRODUCTION People management, financial management, and the programming of facilities are all vital elements in the management of Leisure and Tourism so it follows that the best way to manage leisure and /or tourism facilities is via a method which links these three aspects. Whatever approach is adopted, it needs to be flexible and adaptable in an ever-increasingly dynamic marketplace. An inflexible organisation or company will stagnate and eventually fail, either as an organisation, or its customers, or both. This report will look at these three aspects of leisure/tourism management and how to effectively link the three areas through a common management process to ensure the effective operation of leisure and tourism facilities. MAIN FINDINGS 2 MARKETING MIX Marketing involves developing and managing a product that will satisfy certain needs. It focuses on making the right Product available at the right Place at the right time, at a Price that is acceptable to customers, with the right People and service support. It also involves providing the kind of Promotion that will help customers decide whether the product will satisfy their needs. People are important in the marketing mix. As marketers they manipulate the rest of the marketing mix and as intermediaries in the marketing channel they help make products and services available to the marketplace and reflect the level of customer service, advice, sales support and after-care. ...read more.


This method would not be suitable for a bigger leisure centre or sports club where there are more facilities on offer. 2. Action, investigation and creation plan This consists of investigation and research, which is carried out in the community and the demand for a particular activity is examined. For instance a government run leisure centre might carry out research in the local community, various activities would be introduced and these activities will be assessed on a regular basis. 3. Community leadership approach This consists of community inputs and is made possible through an advisory board. For instance a Golf Club would invite selected members to join a committee and they would meet several times a year to discuss what special activities and competitions they could organize throughout the year. Clearly it is critical that all leisure managers obtain regular feedback from their customers and not only should questionnaires be carried out, but also feedback should be taken once seasonal activities are underway. The leisure manager job is to find the right mix of activities and continually assess the programmes. A good manager must be realistic and use whatever options and solutions are available to meet needs and demands effectively. (Torkildsen 2005) It is also critical that leisure managers work closely with staff rotas and monitor availability of staff that are qualified in particular areas. For instance, a manager of a leisure centre scheduling a junior swimming class for 4-6 year olds should provide 1 adult per 12 pupils, plus one life guard. Therefore they must make sure that when he organizes the class he has the appropriate staff on duty. 4.2 COMMON MISTAKES There are numerous things to consider when planning activities and many mistakes can be made. The most common being: * Demands and needs are not assessed Leisure managers fail to see the need to ask customers and the community what activities they would like. ...read more.


The main aim of all three roles is to firstly improve financial performance, improve customer satisfaction and encourage staff commitment and motivation with continued training, development and management support. The main objective of any organization should be to combine all three responsibilities so that they work in perfect harmony with one another, therefore producing a thriving and successful business. Programming is one of the most important functions in leisure management but at times it is an under-rated skill and creating services and activities, which satisfy the consumers needs is often forgotten. This report demonstrates that introducing the appropriate services and activities into a leisure business and carrying out extensive customer research and feedback is vital to the business' success. Staff and personnel is also an important aspect of all leisure and tourism organizations and their cost should be regarded as an investment rather than an expensive item of expenditure. It is clear that the right staff need to be employed, trained, nurtured and encouraged to perform well for their organization. This is a time-consuming and skilful job which needs regular and constant evaluation to achieve the best team of employees. The management of money in the leisure industry is another vital function and the preparing of business budgets and goals will help any future growth. It has also demonstrated that regular evaluation of the business through its history of accounts and projected cash flows is another way of realising the businesses' true potential. Flexibility in all three areas is the key to successful management in the leisure/tourism industry. Flexibility makes it easier to adapt to changes internal or external to the organisation or company. Any change in any of the three areas will have an effect on the others. It can be concluded that all three departments should work closely together to achieve their goals and objectives, bringing financial resources, personnel and programmed activities together to create perfect customer satisfaction which in turn will result in a profitable business. 7. ...read more.

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