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Lightwater Valley recruitment processes.

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2D) Lightwater Valley recruitment processes Advert Firstly the personnel staff at Lightwater Valley would look at the vacancies available and find what staff they need and where in the park. They would put an advertisement in the local press, explaining the job and it's role and also the salary. Sometimes they would put the advert on their web site or in local schools and colleges. Interest People, who may be interested in the vacancy, will telephone the personnel department at Lightwater Valley, who will then arrange for an application form to be sent out to the applicant. Once the application has been filled in and returned to personnel, they in turn will send out a brief letter or possibly make a telephone call, to arrange an interview time and date. The Interview The interview will take place with the presence of management staff, who will ask questions to the candidate. The interview is scored on a 1 to 10 ratio, on a personal judgement by the interviewee. They are scored on appearance, manner, punctuality, confidence, maturity and availability. The Short List Lightwater Valley short list, by selecting the person whom has scored highly in their estimations. ...read more.


Also any body can apply for a job and they will need to filter the people down by doing some basic test for example an exam on customer service e.t.c The manger interviewing the person may be impressed by their punctuality and presentation, and also the track record of the person (I.E criminal record) they may feel the person will suit without a thorough interview. Training Nowadays most larger organisations employ professional training officers to run training programmes for employees. Training is divided into two main categories:- On the job training This means that the employee acquires their training or development in the workplace itself. For many people they enjoy the direct link with their job and can see more clearly how relevant the training or development is to the performance of the job. Off the job training This means attending courses which may be in a college or a training centre away from the workplace .This type of training is important to an employee's career development as well as being an integral part of a training programme What type of training does Lightwater Valley carry out? ...read more.


I also said I was a student willing to work weekends and that is what they mainly look for as I would be able to work the summer holidays and any other holidays, also Lightwater Valley is know for being one of the highest employers in the Ripon and Northallerton area.. Other Training Methods I think they could change their training methods as it is hard for them to train all the staff in a set amount of time with a set amount of money. They could maybe open a centre for all the theme parks to train their staff this would be good as it would save money and maybe be easier on the management due to them spending a lot of time training. They could maybe train the staff while they work, these could be affective but if the park is busy it may not work very well. Also with the use of ICT they could create a program so that employees could go through their health and safety and food hygiene on a computer and then be tested on it to get the certification. ...read more.

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