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Linking performance reviews to evaluation and training and development in tesco

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Linking performance reviews to evaluation and training and development in tesco The form of appraisal and all other forms of evaluation should be closely linked with training and development. The training and development when appraised be of high quality and their may be a pay rise, which in turn will motivate the staff further within their training to higher their wages, this will be great for Tesco and the trainee will have great job satisfaction, this will cut down on recruitment costs, if staff are happy and motivated they will stay in their jobs for a longer period. It is a two way process if the Tesco is to achieve its objectives, it is vital to train and develop its people so that they are best able to support Tesco in working towards the intended objectives. ...read more.


At the same time the individual needs to have the opportunity to be able to communicate his or her own personal needs to Tesco through appraisal or personal development planning schemes. To make sure that Tesco have motivated staff they should according to Herzberg, be able to achieve achievement within their job, recognition within the company providing status and job satisfaction, they need to be happy in their job role having their own responsibilities such as working in the Deli department they are responsible for their job and have no supervisor. Employees should be offered promotions, training and development and the chance of a salary raise this will bring personal growth and confidence in the employee. The initiative and incentive method offered an incentive to increase productivity but placed the responsibility on the Tesco on how to do it. ...read more.


Training and development will provide staff with the job satisfaction that they may seek and will further their education. They will feel more power and status within the company. They will be more motivated within the company if they know there is the chance of a promotion, training, development or a higher wage. They will try their best at their job and will do it in quicker it is an incentive as explained by Taylor. Tesco will use the motivational theories to make sure that the staff will want to be trained and developed and will further themselves individually as well as a company as a whole. Below is a table to show clearly the strengths and weaknesses of performance management and training and development, they are beside each other to show the contrasts between them both. * ...read more.

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