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Little business plan :P

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My business venture and the reason for choice The business I chose for this unit is a baby clothes shop. I chose this kind of business venture because I love little kids and would like to open a shop with unique designs of baby clothes. The clothes will be for newborn kids till kids aged 2 years. My business is going to be located near the dappermarkt. I chose to set up my shop there because the dappermarkt attract people from throughout whole the Netherlands. This way it is easy to get my target group to buy at my shop. The people that live in this neighbourhood are actually the main target because I aim for people with an average income. Aims: My aim is to be a well known shop and make a lot profit. ...read more.


The baby clothes that will be sold at my shop are unique and Weaknesses: As a new shop we have to show and proof ourselves to the customers. Other weakness could be that the customers decide that they want to buy the clothes on the market. That's why we have to have reasonable prices and good quality clothes. Opportunities: if the business goes well I can open more shops on different kinds of places and maybe in the future even expand abroad Threats: it can be that people prefer to shop in a shop that is well known than in mine. Another possibility is that people would prefer buying the clothes in the market than in my shop. That's why I need to let people know what I sell and that it is not really expensive. ...read more.


- Profit has to be shared Sources of finance Sources of finance for a partnership company are: - Personal capital - Leasing - Retained profit - Bank loan - Bank overdraft - Mortgage loan - Credit cards - Hire purchase - Sales of assets - Trade credit I will make use of my own money and money of my parents to finance a part of the company. Other sources of finance will be a bank loan, a mortgage loan and when the business gets started after a while I want to have retained profit as a source of finance in times that the sales don't go too well. Opening balance FIXED ASSETS Building � 300.000 Furniture � 10.000 Inventory � 20.000 CURRENT ASSETS Debtors � 0 Stock � 4.000 LIQUID ASSETS Bank � 5.000 Cash � 500 --------- � 335.500 Net assets � 76.500 LONG TERM LOAN Mortgage loan � 225.000 Family loan � 80.000 CURRENT LIABILITIES Creditors � 3.000 Overdraft � 0 ...read more.

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