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Location factors for a business

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Place Location: All businesses, whether they produce goods or service, have to decide where to locate. This can depend on the fact that the firm wants to be closer to its target audience or produce the goods at a location where it is cheapest, it can be also linked to the business environment and other reasons aspects of the business which would affect the location of the firm. Demography: This is were the size of the population and the changes in the population are taken into consideration and studied in depth. Many businesses, mainly businesses which are included in the service sector are influenced by the demographic factor. For example on the south coast of England, Bournemouth has the highest percentage of elderly people living there, and that is the highest population in UK of the elderly situated in one area. Si this attracts people to Bournemouth to retire for to main reasons which are its climate, and the services businesses have in offer therefore there are many businesses which specialise in providing the elderly community with goods and services best suited for that target audience. Seen as compulearn is also partly linked to the service sector it will be looking into demography because Compulearn also does services and thereby will need to look into the number of the population which in this case will be the population of Hounslow which is 212341, and it will need to look I will look into the changes within the school. ...read more.


Businesses wanting to be closer to customers would therefore would be extremely expensive and could have down fall in production , land is cheaper further out of the capital city because there is more land available, however this means that there isn't a thrive in mass production and consumers are more likely to be in the cities where all businesses prosper. Compulearn will have to pay mortgage to the bank. The availability of premises There isn't much availability of premises and the ones that maybe very expensive such as city centre sites will be quite expensive for businesses and only those who can really afford to splash out will be able to afford these sites. The sites will also need to be the right size for the firm, for example a small local convenient store wouldn't need premises as big as Tesco's or Asda to locate. Also out of town developments are more popular now then ever before. Compulearn will need to have a decent size premises, a decent size premises is 15m x 15m. Where the suppliers are For some businesses locating near the suppliers is necessary because the products needed to be produced maybe large and transportation will be expensive. For the businesses and thereby, locating the business near the suppliers is cheaper, or in other cases the firms need to be closer to the natural resources and will have to locate somewhere suitable for the business to be close to the natural resources. ...read more.


The good transport links makes it easier for our customers to get to us and also easy to find us. Conclusion Location to compulearn is important because even though the business may have the perfect service which will fill the demands of customers, if the location is not right, the business will loose out and if we loose out on customers then we will not be able to keep up with the rent of the property and would mean that we would need to cut back on costs which would lead to less courses being taught and less customers coming and a lower customer satisfaction. A business such as compulearn who is a small partnership needs the right location for the business because without the right location the business will not survive. The right location for the business will be in a area that has a low employment and is need for education. Our business will be the best way for the area to regenerate itself. If the business does not get potential customers the business will again loose out and will not make enough profit for the business to on and wil have to close down, because there is not enough consumers available because of the location. For compulearn being a vibrant area will help the business substantially also the business will be able to advertise by using word of mouth advertising and by this the profits of compulearn will increase. ?? ?? ?? ?? Aman Chandhok Business coursework ...read more.

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Response to the question

This essay offers a detailed explanation of the factors involved when a firm chooses where to locate. A number of factors are discussed, and a clear judgement is made at the end in the conclusion. I like how each point ...

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Response to the question

This essay offers a detailed explanation of the factors involved when a firm chooses where to locate. A number of factors are discussed, and a clear judgement is made at the end in the conclusion. I like how each point is clearly sub headed.

Level of analysis

The analysis in this essay is strong, but more evaluation is required. In my opinion they've covered the main points, and each point is explained well. For example, the importance of infrastructure has been discussed in terms of costs and benefits for its employees. I would've liked them to have discussed the relative importance of each factor in the conclusion, however. To gain top marks in Business Studies GCSE, a justified judgement is vital - this is where an essay comes to a conclusion about what factor has the biggest (relative) importance, and is backed up by evidence earlier in the essay. As an example, I would have ended this essay with "It is clear that infrastructure is the most important factor - without infrastructure it is increasingly difficult to source supplies and make it easy for customers to access the site" or something to that effect. There seems to be a case study involving "Compulearn" that is associated with the task as the essay mentions this a number of times. When given a case study, make sure you highlight the key points of the business and apply it to the question. For example, if the case study said that Compulearn is a web-based company which builds websites for clients, then infrastructure becomes less important and labour more important. Showing understanding of the context will gain credit.

Quality of writing

This essay is structured well, but there are lapses in respect to spelling, punctuation and grammar. Sentences such as "Si this attracts people to Bournemouth" can easily be avoided by proof reading. A solid essay!

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Reviewed by groat 14/02/2012

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