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Looking at employee procedures

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Introduction The first thing that I have to do in this assignment is to describe the features of a typical contract of employment and then analyse it with my own contract of employment for WH Smiths and say what the differences are between the two. In the second part of this assignment I have to design and make a leaflet for Konrho explaining the responsibilities of the employer including the procedures available to them in upholding there rights. I also have to do the same for the employee. In part three of the assignment I have to describe the disciplinary and grievance procedures available to employers and employees and then put this information into a leaflet as-well. In the fourth part of the assignment I have to compile a report on WH Smith which will include a survey into the health and safety regulations and non-discriminatory legislation in two different work environments. Also I have to describe in-depth the procedures available to employers and employees when health and safety or the non-discriminatory legislation's have been contravened. In the last part of the assignment I have to explain the roles of trade unions and staff associations. The last thing to do is provide recommendations for Konrho in terms of the best practices to gain employee co-operation in there UK subsidiary. As part of this assignment I am going to have to go to WH Smith and conduct a survey on health and safety, get there health and safety policy and there non-discriminatory policy as-well. I will have to use a library to get the information on trade unions. I will also have to learn how to use DTP to produce my leaflets on Konrho. ...read more.


There is no specific health and safety policy for the shop floor, but there is a policy for the whole store itself. There is no protective clothing to be worn on the shop floor because one is not needed, but staff members are issued with a uniform so that customers know whom to approach. The temperature on the shop floor is in compliance with the health & safety regulations, but the air tends to get a little dry after a while. To link upstairs and downstairs there are some stairs linking the two, but there is also an escalator, which runs from the bottom floor to the top floor. When I asked a manager at WH Smith's if they had a non-discrimination policy for the store they said that they kept with what the law stated, so they do not have any special non-discrimination policy for the store. The Stock Room The electricity supply to the stock room complied to the health and safety check as all plugs were off and there were no lose wires, also the main fuse box is in the stock room and this was working properly and it also had no lose wires. There are a few sharp edges in the stockroom but they are not really dangerous, they are the metal shelves and the metal cage. There are fire exits and fire extinguishers in the stockroom so the fire part of the health and safety check complied. Through my own experience in the stock room I have found that it is considerably colder than the shop floor so it is contravening the health and safety check. There are no sparks in the stock room so it is safe from that. ...read more.


Ways of best gaining Employee co-operation For Konrho There are many ways of best gaining employee co-operation and I have come up with some of these ways in the list below for Konrho: - 1) Representation = this is a good method as it is when one member of staff is allowed to represent all staff in the business to put forward any complaints that any member of staff have. 2) Consultation = this is where management and staff meet to discuss possible changes to the business. This is also a good idea as it shows that the management wants to hear what the workers have to say about any changes to the business that may or may-not happen. 3) Team working = this is when teamwork is encouraged in the business. This is a good idea as the staff will get along more friendly as the will get to know each other better. 4) Employee share ownership = this is when the employees are given shares in the company for working there. This is a good idea, as it will motivate workers to work harder so that they get bigger dividends on their shares. 5) Quality circles = this is when employees and management get together to discuss how to improve the products that they produce so that there are not as many rejects. This is good because the business does not have to keep spending more money on replacing faulty goods so the staff may get incentive bonuses. 6) Job security = if employees have job security this means that there jobs are safe so they may be motivated to work harder if they know that there jobs are safe. These are the main ways that Konrho could improve employee co-operation through putting these recommendations into practice. ...read more.

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