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Looking at life.

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looking at life. it's easy to see. the things. that break me. I know a lot of people. but only a few get to know me. I love to sleep. eat. and have fun. live the life. ...read more.


and again. I stop myself. I cower in the corner. when people ask. who I am. what I believe. It's so important. so passionate. and yet it hides. deep inside. where only those who I choose. can get to see it. I allow the evil. Bad. sin. grip me. I let it hold on. to drag me down. ...read more.


on my knees. weeping. at your feet. where I see the scars. that caused the pain. that set me free. at the foot of the cross. I cry out to you. and I ask. forgive me. and again. and again. you say. yes. my child. I forgive you. then I walk. away. thinking. of the grace you have. and yet again. and again. I choose to hide it. that is the thing. that breaks me. ...read more.

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