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M&S and War Child are two different organizations, M&S is a private sector and War Child is a voluntary sector. In order for me to compare these both organizations I have used the PEST analysis

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M2 compare the factors which influences the development of the internal structures and functional activities of the two contrasting organizations The market environment consist of all factors that in one way or another affects the organization decisions. There are many external factors which may have an impact on a organization. M&S and War Child are to different organizations, M&S is a private sector and War Child is a voluntary sector. The difference between these two is that the private coming is aiming for profit and the voluntary sector is aiming to help children that have been affected by war, which is for a good cause. In order for me to compare these both organizations I have used the PEST analysis to give an overview and also show the difference. M&S Economical Factor M&S needs to conduct a thorough economic analysis. It is vital to consider the state of economy in the short and long terms. The economy changes and the business will need to intake actions i.e. the September 11 2001 accident in the USA has cause so many commitments to face recessions in the North America and Europe and other countries, this causes an economical crisis which causes consumers to change their purchasing habits and retailers were seeing sales decrease, therefore the chairman of M&S has to ensure that the board achieves its full potential. ...read more.


The conflict between government forces and RUF rebels (Revolutionary United Front) pivoted around the control of diamond mines and affected most of the country and its civilian population. Tens of thousands of people were killed, mutilated or subjected to sexual violence. About half of the population fled their homes. Much of the country's infrastructure was destroyed and the economy collapsed. The nature of armed conflict has changed since the rise of globalization and the end of the cold war. There is one of the three ways in which globalizations drives armed conflict: The "new economy of war", recent growth in the world economy has led to an increase in violent conflicts over natural resources: diamonds in Sierra Leone and Angola and oil in Sudan. None of these "economies of war" would flourish without the demand or markets in more developed countries. Global businesses in their quest for profit have helped to facilitate these wars. All War Child international network organizations carry the name War Child and use the logo because they share the same objectives: to provide humanitarian assistance to children in war affected areas. How every each organization is financially, legally and operationally independent and has its own board of directors. ...read more.


But both of this company can get into to problems with the economy for example if there's an economic crisis, people will not spend as much money, .sales will go down and even have to fire people from their jobs and with War child is the economy is still being greedy by wanting more diamonds and causing war in places such as Angola and Sierra Leone. One the social part there are not too far from each other nearly the same, they all needs to work together to achieve their organizational aim. So long there is the right communications and respect amongst each other, then conflicts can be avoided. Because of the globalization, the economy changes and the society, there will always be changes if there can. For example government regulations and the standard of living the people has paid a price for. The external factors do have a lot of influences on these companies. If the economical crises arise can cause the company to close some stores or even come to debts and could case war not only from war affected kids but the whole society in general. Leticia Grinuva IBS 3 Unit 1 Exploring business activity M2 Dhr Huizinga Leticia Grinuva IBS 3 Unit 1 M2 Dhr Huizinga ...read more.

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