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Maketing - Primary research

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Marketing Primary research When conducting primary market research, you can gather two basic types of information exploratory or specific. Exploratory research is open-ended, this helps you define a specific problem, and usually involves detailed, unstructured interviews in which long answers are solicited from a small group of respondents, Specific research is more precise in scope and is used to solve a problem that exploratory research has identified, the interviews are structured and formal this type of research is the most expensive out of the two but it gives the best results. When pink zone is conducting our own primary research if we think it is for the best we need to figure out how we will question our target audience e.g. ...read more.


When consumers first find out what the costumers want and need they find a way to improve the product or the way they deliver service to meet the costumer's needs and wants. Secondary research Secondary research is research that another business or organization has already done for you secondary research can be found in many places for example Newspapers Books Magazines Internet The advantages of secondary research is that it is cheaper than primary research because you do not have to add any extra data because it has been already done for you, the main disadvantages of secondary research is that you don't get the research that you want where as in primary research you can pick what research you get from it. ...read more.


Not only will you learn more about your prospective customers, you'll also learn more about possible advertising outlets for your product or service. Conclusion I think that pink zone would benefit from using primary market research because as a business just starting up I want to create a reputation of I know what the public wants and needs and I am able to cater those needs and wants also in the future if I need to find out information that relates to the survey that I did I could go back and sample the survey and predict an outcome rather than spending money on a new survey or getting a survey which may not reflect my customers views. ...read more.

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