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Management Assignment

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Management Assignment Group:Sony Name:Yanru Wang Student ID: 40003555 Date: 09/03/05 Seven main functions of Human Resources Management The Human Resources Management manages the administrative aspects of the employees. This function includes a variety of activities; the most important is to ensure the business is filled with the right number of staff with the right skills relevant to the business needs. As organizations are different in size, aims, functions, complexity, construction, products, so do the contribution of human resource management. I will state seven key functions of human resource management at following. 1. Manpower planning Either understaffing or overstaffing would be costly to the business. Manpower planning is to supply the right numbers of qualified people are constantly available at appropriate times. This ensures performance, which meets organizational needs and provides personal satisfaction. That, in turn, will involves the further planning of such recruitment, training, retraining, labour reductions or changes in workforce utilization. 2. ...read more.


Commonly a split of responsibilities exists under which 'production' or 'engineering' management cares for the provision of safe system of work and safe place and machines. 7. Employee education and training development In general, education is 'mind preparation' and is carried out remote from the actual work area, training is the systematic development of the attitude, knowledge, skill pattarn required by a person to perform a given task or job adequately and development is 'the growth of the individual in terms of ability understanding and awareness'. Education and training creates an important support to the employee which can make the business performs better. Employee education and training development can help managers achieve theirs goal As 'people are our most valuable', managers use their staff to achieve the business goals. Obviously, only the employees have trained well, would benefit to the managers. As a manager, I would train the employee before they start to work instead of throw them to work directly. ...read more.


Employee education and training gives the employees a sense of security about the job in the future. 3. Belongingness and Love needs Belongingness and Love needs are need of work group, family, affection, relationships, etc. Employee education and training make the staff become part of a team, they will feel social belonging. 4. Esteem needs Esteem needs are needs of Self-esteem, achievement, mastery, independence, status, dominance, prestige, managerial responsibility, etc. being good at one's job will boost self-confidence. 5. Self actualization needs It is needs about realising personal potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. The need for self-actualization is "the desire to become everything that one is capable of becoming." Self-belief will lead to this following on from self-confidence. To conclusion, employees learn how to do the job right, how to use the facilities and make friends from education and training. These make them feel more secure, confidence and social belonging in the job. Because they could do the job well, they will build self-confidence. That is how Maslow's hierarch of needs explain that employee education and training development can increase employee motivation. ...read more.

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