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Management Development - Reviews & Appraisals

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Management Development - Reviews & Appraisals Explanation Appraisal noun [countable, uncountable] 1 a statement or opinion judging the worth, value, or condition of something [+ of]: What's your appraisal of the situation? 2 also performance appraisal BrE a meeting between an employer and a worker to discuss the quality of the worker's work and how well they do their job Introduction Management development is used so that they the company can motivate their staff, so that the performance of their workforce will be improved. Therefore it is used to improve the performance of the business so that their share price increases and they will attract more shareholders and their sales and profits will be increased, this will also mean that the shareholders will give paid good dividends. Due to that happening their stakeholders will be showing more interest in the business, which means that they will be able to employ staff more easily so that they will have a wider range of candidates to choose from so they can employee a larger range of highly skilled staff. Purpose of appraisal schemes As it is said that the main problem that arises with an appraisal scheme is the confusion over the objectives that are set. Mainly it can be said that an appraisal scheme is used to develop staff by giving information for progression and resource planning, as well as being able to make out and state the weaknesses of performance. ...read more.


Superiors The majority of appraisals are performed by an employee's superior. An advantage of this is that they have intimate knowledge and instant access to knowledge to information about the tasks that the worker carries out and how well they perform, as well as what targets they need to be set to improve their performance for the future. Superiors of the employee's superior This are people who can be involved in an employee's appraisal in two different ways. The first way in which they can be involved in the appraisal is by approving for the superiors appraisal of the employee, as well as the fact that the manager also might want to have a say in the appraisal of the worker. The second way they maybe involved in the appraisal is by being the one is performing the appraisal of the worker. This will be more likely to happen when the employees decide that they want someone higher up the hierarchy, such as the manager to appraise them due to the fact they will have more chance of promotion etc. 360 degrees appraisal This is a method that takes opinions of many different members of a company's workforce, such as colleagues, supervisors, managers and sub-ordinates. As well as that they may even use self-ratings and the thoughts of customers due to the fact that it is a 360� appraisal. ...read more.


Control It's vital that the system is controlled by the senior and line management and that it isn't something done just for the human resources department. Selection of raters When choosing the raters they should be carefully done and controlled to make sure that the employee isn't just nominating staff they now to give them good feedback. Training The staff that are performing may need training to understand what they are trying to get out of it and what they are meant to do, in they way they are to conduct the review. Training of raters The raters of staff may need to trained, as they might not know they should be ranking, assessing the employee as well as how they have to fill out the appraisal assessment documents. Administrative efficiency When an appraisal is performed it must be done so that it causes the minimal amount of troubles, for both groups. As well as needing to be confidential. Anonymity of assessors The people who are ranking and assessing the employees, will have to made anonymous so that they will therefore feel that they can be as honest as possible. Honesty and contribution The process of reviewing will be more likely to be accepted when there is as much feedback as possible given back as it will help the appraisers give their ratings. Also the more that the employee is able to have involvement in the system, the higher chance they will have of their employees obtaining their commitment. ...read more.

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