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Managerial Organization - Project report: Progeon

Extracts from this document...


Managerial Organization PROJECT REPORT PROGEON Presented to Asst. Prof. Sourav Mukherji On September 13th, 2004 By Group No. 12 Peeyush Agarwal (Roll No. 0411112) Abhinav Thakur (Roll No. 0411071) Amit Gandhi (Roll No. 0411074) Sunil Khaitan (Roll No. 0411126) Sarguna Raja (Roll No. 0411119) Mahesh S (Roll No. 0411106) INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT BANGALORE TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 2 1. SUPERORDINATE GOALS 2 2. STRATEGY 2 3. STRUCTURE 2 4. STAFF 2 5. SKILLS 2 6. STYLE 2 7. SYSTEMS 2 CONCLUSION 2 INTRODUCTION Objective of the project This project will consist of a thorough organizational study of Progeon, the BPO subsidiary of Infosys, on the lines of McKenzie's 7-S framework. The framework would be loosely adhered to and each of the S' will be analyzed along different dimensions. Methodology adopted Phase 1: The first phase of the project involved secondary research on the Indian BPO industry and Progeon in specific. It included information gathering on Progeon, its competitors, current market scenario and potential threats. Phase 2: This phase involved a visit to Progeon to communicate first-hand with the various head of departments and the employees to get a "feel" of the organization and clarify doubts and issues that came up during phase 1. We also benefited from the structured tour of the facility and a one-hour presentation on Progeon, its goals, strategy and future prospects. Business Process Outsourcing Business process outsourcing is defined as the delegation of the ownership, administration and operation of a business process or processes to a third party or to an external service provider. A customer servicing BPO company is typically run with the help of many call centers. Call center It is a functional area within an organization or an outsourced, separate facility that exists solely to answer inbound or place outbound telephone calls. It usually refers to a sophisticated voice operations center that provides a full range of high-volume, inbound or outbound call-handling services, including customer support, operator services, directory assistance, multilingual customer support, credit services, card services, inbound and outbound telemarketing, interactive voice response and web-based services. ...read more.


Progeon also has to deal with a General Environment which doesn't have an impact on its daily operations nevertheless has an indirect impact on it. This includes Government Policies, Labor Laws, Culture of the workforce, General Economics Conditions. Financial Resources and Technological Innovations. Since Progeon works in the International arena, the Policies of the Foreign Countries,, its culture, and trade policies also affect Progeon indirectly. These facets of the environment bring in an inherent complexity in the structure of Progeon which shall be managed to be effective. There is an inherent difficulty in decision making due to lack of information about the lot many sectors affecting it and due to the rapidly changing nature of these forces. We shall discuss some of these factors under various categories. External Environment 1. Complexity of the Environment: Progeon has a complex environment to deal with, as compared to simple environment faced by pure voice handling services. It has to incorporate a large number of technology to perform competitively and due to the large workforce, which is rapidly increasing, and its international operation, has to deal with many kind of cultures. 2. Stability of the Environment: Elements with which Progeon deal with are dynamic in nature that tend to shift abruptly. That is the case with most of the technology driven organizations, more accentuated for Progeon as it is a relatively new organization, the only cases of stable environment being Government Monopolies. The demand of the customers for Progeon is difficult to predict, the technology changes rapidly and there is the inherent instability associated with international operations. The cut throat competition in the BPO arena, esp. with the emergence of South East Asia and China as lucrative alternative destination. Progeon performs in a very dynamic arena. These factors have a marked impact on the structure of Progeon. Progeon operates in a high uncertainty area. This calls for an Organic Structure that is loose, free flowing and adaptive to changes with less rules and regulations as compared to a Manufacturing firm which generally operates in a complex but stable domain. ...read more.


Every process has processes to ensure this. 6. Customer Satisfaction Monitoring System (more details awaited) Customer satisfaction is measured by each client account through the C-SAT survey. Dipstick surveys are also carried to gauge customer satisfaction for use in the performance management system. 7. Training System The smooth functioning of the company is possible only through a comprehensive training and retraining system in place for new recruits and old employees. The measures of doing that range from training programs on induction , upgraded courses on a continual basis ,lunch-n-learn systems and click and learn systems through an elaborate IT system in place for the same. The training focuses on both hard and soft skills with the first year having 400-600hours of training. Progeon has training facilities in Bangalore to impart training about 220 personnel. It follows a "train the trainer" approach, where Progeon personnel would visit the client, understand the processes and then impart training to off-shore personnel. Domain experts are also involved to utilize their industry experience to add to the training process. The training program has a strong orientation towards cultural training with special emphasis on addressing nuances of various geographical regions. The training provided is highly interactive (for example, the FTE's are imparted hands on training through live interactions with client representatives). 8. Information Technology System Progeon boasts of an extensive information technology system, software as well as hardware, largely due to pre-existing systems in Infosys. * Fully secured and networked capacity of 1,000 seats spread over 100,000 sq. ft. * Independent bays for each client, with 24x7 security. * 200% power back-up and redundant data and telecommunications links. * Option to utilize Infosys' offices within Bangalore and facilities in seven other Indian cities, if required. All facilities are interconnected and can be used by Progeon as required. * A dedicated Technology Infrastructure Group (TIG) manages the technology infrastructure requirements for Progeon and its clients. For complex requirements, a full-time resource is provided initially to ensure client satisfaction. * The Technology and e-Solution Group (TeSG) is responsible for internal systems, engagement-specific application development, information security and knowledge management. ...read more.

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