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Managing a Crisis Using PR

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Managing a Crisis Using PR Managing a Crisis Using PR Handling Public Relations for any organization can be a very difficult task in any circumstance - even under simple, non-crisis situations. When a crisis strikes, that's when PR managers really have their work cut out for them. A PR manager must always be prepared for the inevitable crisis to happen because that is when their jobs are really tested by the public and the organization. American Wattage Corporation was planning to launch "Greenergy" by Green Energy which focuses on creating a better solution to energy than electricity by using wind energy. My job as the PR manager was to formulate strategies to manage a crisis and make the most effective use of PR tools to communicate with all the publics. In this paper, I will give a summary of the simulation and how I handled the different tasks that were given to me as well as go into detail on how crisis management should really be handled. ...read more.


How an organization handles itself in the midst of a crisis may influence how it is perceived for years to come. That is why it is so important to handle a crisis in an appropriate way. Being proactive is definitely a great way to manage crises because there is always a plan on how to handle situations as they arise. One of the elements issue-management encompasses is anticipating emerging issues 18 months to three years in advance - this is considered pre-crisis planning (Seitel, 2004). By anticipating what crises could arise in the near future this helps the organization be more prepared for handling it appropriately. An organization can only influence a few issues at a time - good management process will select several (around five to ten) specific priority issues with which to deal (Seitel, 2004). They will focus on the most important issues affecting the organization then work their way down the list. ...read more.


When "no comment" is said most people (around 65%) perceive the no-commenter as guilty (Seitel, 2004). The most effective crisis communicators are those who provide prompt, frank, and full information to the media in the "eye of the storm" (Seitel, 2004). Silence not only angers the media but also compounds the problem. The quick rule to effective public relations communication is to "tell it all and tell it fast" (Seitel, 2004). When information gets out quickly, this stops or minimizes rumors and nerves are calmed. The basic goals of crisis management are: 1) terminate the crisis quickly, 2) limit the damage, and 3) restore credibility. Following these goals will ensure a successful public relations plan for any organization. Crisis management definitely needs to be addressed in any organization - although it is usually not a fun role for the public relations manager. However, if the appropriate steps are taken on how to handle crises, this will ensure the public that the organization can still be trusted no matter the situation. In the end, that really is the ultimate goal - to be sure credibility is restored in the organization. ...read more.

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