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Managing Diversity

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Tyrus Woods Chapter 4: Managing Diversity Managing Human Resources Tue & Thur February 14, 2006 Diversity can be defined as a collection of individuals bringing together varied demographic, cultural, human, intellectual, and philosophical differences to help create an environment that honors and respects those differences in a safe and supportive environment. Chapter four (4) which explores ever facet of diversity from management, affirmative action, individual versus group diversity, resistance to diversity and more obvious diversity as it relates to race, and sex. Corporations must effectively manage diversity in order to be successful. When companies fail to consider or exclude certain people because of their group membership creates a counterproductive environment. This is especially important since white Americans no longer make up the substantial majority of the workforce. ...read more.


More than 20 million jobs are projected to be created in the next 10 years, of those, 75 percent will be filled by women and minorities. Capitalization of Diversity seems to be an ever growing trend throughout firms in the United States. American Express for example utilizes African American employees to network, hold seminars and workshops in venues such as black museums. This program was responsible for the 68 percent of new business coming from black clients. There are many challenges with diversity which include, balancing individual needs with group fairness, dealing with resistance to change, retaining valued performers, and maximizing opportunities for all workers. Undoubtedly, racism is still alive and well in the United States. ...read more.


These groups include: African Americans, Asian Americans, and People with Disablities, Foreign born, Homosexuals, Latinos, Elder workers and Women. It is important for a company to have diverse representation on their Board of Directors, and Senior Management positions in order to fully understand and value diversity. There are several companies who require Diversity Training annually. As aggressive as this tactic is, it forces employees to realize and be conscious of a diverse work force. Many companies go the "extra mile" as it relates to diversity offering extended maternity leave, paternity leave, flexible work schedules, child care, and mentorship programs. Diversity efforts should continue to focus on the age old saying "Treat people as you want to be treated." It still may be necessary however for the success of a corporation, to encourage the management of diversity so that representation from minority and non-minority groups continue to exist. ...read more.

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