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Managing Human Resources

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Managing Human Resources Name: Assignment: 1 Tutor: Paul Smith Workshop: 3: Mondays 1-3pm Date: 20-03-06 Word Count: 1,925 Introduction John Jones and Smith (JJS) is a market research company in Dartford, Kent. Establish in 2000 they are one Britain's fastest growing market research agencies. Using the most sophisticated analysis techniques the service they provide is both quantitative and qualitative enabling JJS to answer the why and how of an issue and not just the what, where and when. In order for their clients to receive the greatest benefits from their services value is added to the result with interpretation, recommendations, and advice. JJS started with three directors Mary John, Sally Jones and Mark Smith, two Research mangers and a hand full of market research interviews. (See appendix figure 1 for JJS organisational Hierarchy) The company have now grown with even more research managers and over 50 interviewers in order to meet the demand of the growing number of clients. JJS clients include the Yell Group, who is one of JJS's main clients, The Royal Bank of Scotland and Virgin Atlantic Airways. In this assignment I will be discussing the influence and Impact HRM has of JJS. ...read more.


As Beer et al. stated, "the enterprise will fail to meet the needs of these stakeholders in the long run and it will fail as an institution." So whether it is government legislation or the wiliness of the sample at hand all the stakeholders influence the HR polices. Situational factors: New laws, market conditions, task technology or workforce characteristics also influence the HR polices. For example JJS are commissioned to do a big job in a specific amount of time however the majority of students have gone home due to end of term break. When addressing the policies it can be broken into four areas of topic: 1) Human resource flows: As the call centre is occupied with mainly part-time employees i.e. student and mothers, the staff turnover is low however it is replaced quickly for example when the 3rd year students leave they are replaced with 1st years. Even the flow work needs to be managed, as the managers need to ensure that when one job finishes a new one start. 2) Reward system: JJS reward system is an integral part of the policy as it designed to attract, motivate and keep. ...read more.


Price (2005) pg36 Improving the commitment of the employees will have the greatest affect for them all, as it will have a knock on effect. Once someone it happy and committed to their work they begin to take more care and pride for the job enhancing their skills and knowledge. Increase a sense of self-worth and this with encouraging their co-worker and attract people to the job. Thus improve the organisation cost effectiveness as they can spend less, if any on advertising for position. Turnover and absenteeism will be greatly improved also allowing JJS if they wish contribute more money toward wages or benefits and finally the question about the level of congruence can be raised, does JJS's objective and actives fit together? As we have seen HRM has a massive impact on any organisation including JJS. As I mentioned earlier people are an intangible resource, so they cannot be simply tuned to do the job and at the standard your want. They need to be encouraged that doing the job and doing it well, will not only benefit the organisation, but also improve their standard of living. That is why HRM is an essential part of the organisational structure. ...read more.

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