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Managment Assignment to investigate how Gazda Cars and Bomino Printing approach the management of their activities.

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REPORT To: Local Chamber of Commerce From: Nemesis Management Date: 13/11/2007 Re: Investigation into how 2 organisations approach the management of their activities I have been asked by my employers Nemesis Management to investigate how Gazda Cars and Bomino Printing approach the management of their activities. I will be collecting research through the internet, books and other typed of sources to complete my task. Gazda Cars Bomino Printing Approach Classical Approach Human Relations Approach Advantages * It's Organised * Their pay is related to their performance, which will motivate them perform better. * Work is carried out in controlled environment. * It's seen as 'social' which motivates workers. * Managers convey 'moral elite', trustworthy, broadly motivated to organise & influence others. * Employees have more control of their work (live to work). * Take interesting staff giving feeling of involvement, security & job satisfaction, related to high achievement Disadvantages * Scientific approach used (work to live). * Communication between workers is bad. Not approachable, no influence. * Managers defined as 'rational economic', primarily motivated by just money. * Being too nice to staff makes managers look weak. ...read more.


- This structure is old fashioned. The communication usually comes in the form of instructions & decisions issued by superiors and the performance feed back & requests for decisions sent from subordinates. - Work is carried in a controlled environment. Control & authority relationships are structured in a vertical hierarchy. - Operates in a highly complex environment. Tasks are highly specialised. Employees are not clear on how their tasks contribute to accomplishing organisational objectives. - Distributes inkjet & laser printing systems, which is a fast moving product, economically productive. - Department are separated for all the main business functions. - General roles are defined for each member. - Authority relationships & control are structured in a network rather than a hierarchy. - This approach is to do with being nice to staff. Commitment to organisational goals is recommended more then loyalty or obedience. - Teams are set up to work on new product development. Tasks are modified often & redefined by means & mutual adjustment among task holders. - Workers have a variety of tasks which are broad and independent. Relation of task performance to attainment of organisational objectives is emphasised. ...read more.


They are popular in today's modern business society where the organisation will establish particular 'project teams' to complete a task to date. A task culture clearly offers some benefits. Employees feel motivated because they are empowered to make decisions within their team, they will also feel valued because they may have been selected within that team and given the responsibility to bring the task to a successful end. I say they are both related because the informal structure relates to a particular task carried out by particular groups of individuals working together this is of a similar nature to a task culture. Decision making at managerial levels is more efficient as fewer people need to be informed/included in this process. Thirdly, staff motivation is increased at higher levels of co-operation means employees are not constantly being given simple direct orders by managers. This has a boosting affect on morale and motivation. Last but not least with a free flow of information present, all departments can be encouraged to succumb to change, therefore enabling the organisation to respond to influential external factors. Bomino Printing should remain loyal to the present culture and structure because this will help them build and progress further in the future. ...read more.

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