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Manchester Airport's Stakeholders Task 4

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Manchester Airport's Stakeholders Task 4 This task involves you looking at all the different stakeholders that may have an interest in Manchester airport. You need to present this evidence in a table: Stakeholder Internal or external? Description of interest in Manchester Airport How are their interests different from other stakeholders? Manchester Airports Passengers External The Manchester airport passengers expect the service provided by Manchester airport to be reliable, for example they want the aeroplane to be on time. They will also expect the price to be charged for the flights to appear fair given the quality of service provided and that any complaints are dealt with quickly and fairly. Manchester airport passengers could clash with employees and Manchester city council. They might clash with employees because they may not be happy with the service or they might not want to go through the tough security procedures. This can be resolved by providing an excellent and quick service. Customers might clash with Manchester city council because the customers want low prices and high quality but Manchester city council want high profit this could be resolved by offering fair prices. ...read more.


and too much pollution this can be resolved by charging higher prices for parking which will stop people from bringing their cars to the airport. They could also put a maximum volume level in place to reduce noise. Finally they could fund research into making plane that don't pollute the atmosphere. The Local community External The Manchester airport local communities have a considerable impact on their local communities. Sometimes the impact is positive, for example, a business may be one of the few sources of employment in an area of high unemployment and generate positive publicity for the area. However, a business may also be a source of pollution, noise and traffic congestion in the area. Manchester airport local residents may clash with Manchester city council because of a lot of noise, a lot of pollution and a lot of congestion. To solve the problems Manchester city council need to put a maximum volume level, a high price for customer parking and a fund research into lower polluting planes. Manchester airport suppliers External The suppliers of Manchester airport are the firms that supply the business with raw materials, components, packaging or services will expect to be paid promptly. ...read more.


However local residents would prefer fewer flights because they would want less noise and prefer more lands around their homes. They will also clash with the governments as new laws and regulation could be introduced which conflict with their business objectives. This can be solved by creating new objectives which meet the criteria of the government. Manchester airport government External Manchester airport government want the laws by every passenger to be followed correctly, they want high taxes to be paid so that the government raise a lot of money so then they can spend it on new schools and buildings and they want a good reputation for the UK economy. Manchester airport government may clash with airlines due to the fact that they may not comply with all the environmental issues regarding their airlines. They may also clash with share holders because they may want to increase profits. This can be resolved by ensuring the way they increase profits takes in to consideration the needs of others. Above all they need to make sure they comply with government regulations. By Ahsanul Islam ?? ?? ?? ?? Ahsanul Islam 10 YER 1 ...read more.

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