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Manchester Airport unit 2 theme d level 2

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Theme D Level 2 Explain how your job application relates to the job description My job application relates to the job description in a number of ways, as I will explain below, showing where, how and why my job application matches or fulfils the requirements. Firstly the job description requires the employee to make and receive calls.I have said in my job application that I am fascinated in dealing with customer calls. Secondly the job description requires the employee to undertake the copy typing of reports and I am fascinated in typing reports as I have said in my job application. Thirdly the job description requires the employee to maintain filing systems in other words to be well organised and I am a well-organised human being. Also I have said that I would enjoy learning more about maintaining filing to keep the business organised. Fourthly the job description requires the employee to ensure that all arrangements are in accordance with required timescales. I am an organised person and I am fond of helping people with their organisation. Fifthly the job description requires the employee to input data and collate statistics from the data system. My job application fulfils this requirement as I am able to use databases e.g. ...read more.


Also when a new position is advertised, existing employees in Manchester Airport who may want to apply must be given the same opportunities as outside candidates. In addition to refuse to employ someone because that person is, or because they are not a member of a trade union is illegal. Also applicants who believe they have been refused a job unfairly may take their case to an industrial tribunal and if they win not only will they receive compensation but they can also give Manchester Airport bad publicity as I stated before. I must also make sure that the procedure is ethical and gives a fair deal. In other words the interviewers should behave with good practise, properly and impartially. Acting unethically is bad practise and this may occur if one candidate is treated with preferential treatment e.g. if an interviewer is impressed by the appearance of someone because they are attractive they may put them in the shortlist or even interview them for a longer period of time than the rest, this type of favouritism is not illegal unless it is proved as discrimination by another candidate. To avoid unethical treatment at Manchester Airport we are "committed to ensure that no person is treated less favourably". In addition "a criminal conviction is not an absolute bar to employment and ex-offenders are judged on their ability to do the ...read more.


Overall the ongoing training that I will receive will mean that I am learning new things everyday or every so often therefore I am carrying out new things and I will then be paying more attention in the work that I do and this will keep me motivated resulting in more better quality work being done .Therefore Manchester Airport making more profits and being successful. Whereas if I am not trained I will be doing the same type of work day in and day out resulting in me getting bored and either not being as motivated and paying as much interest to the job or leaving the job.Also there are more chances of this leading to no customer satisfication and resulting in Manchester airport losing customers. All of these ways will mean that Manchester Airport will incur a loss and be unsuccessful because if I am less motivated I will not be doing the work to a good enough quality and if I leave the job then Manchester Airport will have to go through the whole recruitment process again and this will cost a lot money and Manchester will therefore incur a loss resulting in failure. I will develop "off the job" training, the purpose of this would be that I would be able to develop my personal skills and perform to a much higher standard. ?? ?? ?? ?? Waqas Safdar ...read more.

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