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Market Plan

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Market Plan - Blue Moon. Blue Moon Blue Moon as a business is company based around objectives and offering a good quality product to the public. Blue Moon has a few business objectives that will make the business move forwards and maximise the resources that the business have. These business objectives include, using methods like fundraising and selling products, maximise our revenue at the end of one annum. We will be targeting customers that like birds for the bird boxes and like to bring up their children to be well educated for our children's books. The other products that the business is selling are bird feed and bird feeders as %%% products for the bird boxes, and jewellery to gain extra income to help fund our main product, children's books. We will also be marketing our product to get the right image for our business, which is an eco-friendly business. SWOT Analysis. Strengths - There are many strengths to this well organised and well organised business. To begin with they have a brilliant reputation for offering a uniquely painted and an eco-friendly, hand made bird box. This allows them to maximise their profit margin by %%%, as the bird boxes are painted by employees of the Blue Moon business. Blue Moon also has a good reputation for good quality Italian jewellery that is being sold to generate extra income to help source funds for the children's books. ...read more.


For example, Roman Abramivich (the Chelsea chairman and oil tycoon) has just put in an order for a 130 foot super yacht worth around �12,000,000. This does not show signs of bad times for the business, but a need to make bigger and better yachts for their customers. This would mean immediately that the yacht would have to be of an exceptionally high quality and standard. To do this they could release a new range of customised yachts for the consumer to help design. To begin with this new yacht, they will have to first do a large amount of market research. The type of research that I would personally recommend is primary research which Sunseeker have done themselves. This could be expensive and time consuming, but they will be able to ask whatever they like, find exactly the information that they need to know and they can ask the people that they need to ask. This will give them a precise and reliable source of information to base their decisions on. They will also need to research how to minimise costs of the manufacture to maximise profit per yacht sold. But, they also need to buy good quality materials to keep up their good reputation and especially to this high money product. They cannot afford to lose interested customers. ...read more.


For example, one in Japan to supply Asia and for the skilled workforce there, one in Australia to supply Oceania, a few in North America to supply this market, one in South America where there is a smaller market but still a small market, and a few in the Middle-East with the booming economies here, and finally one in the Mediterranean where there is a market. This would increase Sunseekers market share so high that they might even get a monopoly and also put some of its competitors out of business. The pricing tactics of the product would be determined by the cost of all of the individual parts of the yacht accounted for. This type of pricing could be elastic as they might need to make a few to get this product up and running and to reassure other consumers of how good it is. But the product quality and the brand name would be included in the price as people will be willing to pay more for Sunseeker to make their yacht than a different yacht maker this is called price discrimination. This type of pricing is usually called contribution pricing as all of the different aspects of the yacht contribute to the finished product. This would take a large amount of work for the business to do, but in the long run it could pay dividends for this new market and this could see them getting a monopoly in their industry. ...read more.

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