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Market research for a kosher shop

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Task 5: Analysis of Data Analysis of Survey: I have collected a large amount of data from the survey I carried out in part 1 of the coursework. I felt it was important to ask both men and women, as they both go shopping. So I asked 14 women and 11 men. What age category do you fall in? My first question was very important as I needed to know what age group the people I was surveying as younger people may buy sweets and older people may buy meat and fish. 40% of the people I asked were aged between 26-35. 32% were aged over 35. 16% were aged between 18-25. 12% were aged under 18. From this I can see the majority of people I interviewed were between 26 and 35 years old. Where do you live? This is an important question because I need to find out where to locate my shop. Obviously I would liken it to be local and convenient for people to go and buy certain products from. ...read more.


72% of people want the shop to have a kosher license. 28% of people will still buy food products from the shop even if it was not kosher. How much more are you willing to spend on kosher products? Not many people are willing to pay a lot more money on kosher products, most people are willing to spend less than 10% more however, I only found 1 person who is willing to spend over 30% more money on kosher food. 60% of people are willing to spend less than 10% more on kosher food products. 20% of people are willing to spend between 10-20% more on kosher food products. 16% of people are willing to spend between 20-30% more on kosher food products. 4% of people are willing to spend over 30% on kosher food products. What Kosher products do you usually purchase from kosher food shops? In a kosher food shop most people tend to buy kosher meat, this was almost half the people in my survey. I needed to find this out because I need to know what it is that I need to sell and what people will buy. ...read more.


12% of people think the new shop should be in East Barnet. 12% of people think the new shop should be in High Barnet. 8% of people thought the new shop should be located in a different area such as Whetstone. How far are you willing to travel for kosher food? Most people are not willing to travel further than 2 miles just to buy kosher food, so my shop needs to be local and easy to get to. 35% of people are willing to travel between 1-2 miles. 27% of people would prefer it if the shop was close enough to walk to. 23% of people would travel over 2 miles to get to a kosher shop. 15% of people are not willing to travel further than 1 mile. I can see that my survey was effective. I managed to gather all the information I needed. I have come to the conclusion that most people shopping are between the ages of 26 and 35 years old and that Cockfosters is not the best place to locate a new kosher food shop as I would have lots of competition with the kosher food shop already located there. ?? ?? ?? ?? Danielle Rosenthal Business Studies Coursework The New Shop Page ...read more.

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