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Market research is finding out what consumers like and dislike about a product or about a range of products.

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Section 5. Market Research 5.1 Market research is finding out what consumers like and dislike about a product or about a range of products. Britannica Definition Study of the requirements of various markets, the acceptability of products, and methods of developing or exploiting new markets. A variety of techniques are employed, depending on the purpose of the research. ...read more.


Field Research is also called primary research. It involves doing all your own work. It is useful for finding out new information and getting customers views of products. Two advantages are the results are up to date and upper hand on rival brands. The disadvantages are that it costs a lot and is time consuming. Questionnaire Test marketing Consumer panels Telephone surveys Interviews Desk Research is also called secondary research. ...read more.


I will not use desk data, as there are no casinos around Walkden so there would be no data anyway. 5.4 I need to find out if the public want a new casino/restaurant in the town of Walkden. I will need to find out what papers they read and what radio stations they listen to so I know what advertising devices I should use. ...read more.

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