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Market segmentation.

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In the season which we live any enterprise wants to has expected profits, it should be find the ways to help it, react in big competition with the other enterprises. A competition where its main characteristics are the preferences of customers, that day with the day their change. Consequently every enterprise wants to has the expected profit, it should can identified the consumers preferences so as to have more customers. Consequently it should analyze all the the information about the market and acts with the exactly strategy. "Marketing strategy involves selecting a specific target market and making decision regarding the crucial elements of product, price, promotion, and distribution in order to satisfy the needs of customers in that market. Choosing the "right" strategy from among many possible alternatives is the ultimate test in developing good marketing strategy. There are literally hundreds of possible marketing mix combinations that! when matched with a good situation analysis, can give a firm a chance to satisfy the needs of target customers, differentiate its products from competitors, and achieve its marketing goals and objectives." ("Marketing Strategy"O.C Ferrell 2002) Two very important sectors research ??? typestyle of market are market segmentation and positioning. Below I will try to analyze the two section of market, and I will try to identified the positive and negative of these. ...read more.


and Climate . ("Consumer Behavior"Leon G 1997) Demographic segmentation "Demographics are the most common basis for segmenting consumer markets. Marketers' preference for using demographic data to segment markets rests on the relative ease of measuring them as well as their close link to demand for many products and services. Demographic variables such as age, stage in the family life cycle, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, nationality, and race are commonly used by marketers because they usually correlate with consumer preferences, needs, and usage rates. For example, gender is an important segmentation variable in the case of clothing, cosmetics, skin-care products, and hair-coloring products. Similarly, stage in the family life cycle is important in determining the need for housing, furniture, appliances, children's products and services, and long-distance phone services. Another reason for the value of demographic variables as a basis for market segmentation is the wealth of demographic data available from numerous sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and various commercial and noncommercial entities such as Simmons Market Research and Donnelley Demographics. Demographic data are easily acquired and quite simple to use"("Consumer Beahavior"Nessim Hanna 2000) Psychographic segmentation "Although age, family life cycle, gender, occupation, and other demographic variables are usually helpful in developing segmentation strategies, they often fail to paint a precise picture of different market segments. ...read more.


These individuals showed little attachment to their dogs. Family Mutt owners, whose dogs served as pets for their children, represented about 25 percent and showed just somewhat more interest in their dogs. Baby Substitute owners, for whom a dog took the place of a child or a spouse, accounted for about 10 percent. They showed above-average attachment to their dog. Nutrition list owners, such as breeders and consumers who were themselves diet conscious, accounted for about 13 percent and were very personally attached to their dogs. Finally, Middle of the Road owners, about 12 percent of dog owners, showed no distinctive characteristics". ("Consumer Beahavior"Nessim Hanna 2000) Gaines found strong correlations between these psychographic categories and use of commercial dog food products. Members of the Baby Substitute and Nutrition list categories bought the least amount of commercial dog food, whereas members of service deal. Similarly, airlines, car rental companies, and hotels attempt to lure frequent business travelers, who constitute the heavy users of their services, via upgrades, discounts, and frequent-flier programs. To attract nonusers, firms often rely on sales promotion in various forms such as product samples, coupons, rebates, bonus-size packages, premiums, and outright price reductions. Weight Watchers, for example, created a program called Winners through which new members can accumulate points redeemable for products such as sweatshirts, mugs, beach towels, coolers, and director's chairs. The more Weight Watchers' products and services purchased, the more points participants earn.2 ...read more.

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