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Marketing, administration and customer services.

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Introduction: In part b of this coursework, I need to talk about three functions from one of the company that I chose for part a, and I chose the company Richer Sounds to talk about. I have chose marketing, administration and customer services Marketing Richer Sounds' marketing director is Claudia Vernon. She works with her colleagues to look at a wide range if activities which can be grouped into four main areas. The main activities for Richer Sounds' Marketing department are: - Marketing - Design - Point-of-sale Marketing Marketing is about analysing all the feedbacks from the customers which helps the company to decide on what products to introduce and what promotions to give. ...read more.


Richer Sounds' website This is another responsibility for marketing which covers every area of the website such as: - The design - Checking the navigation - Sending out e-mails to various customers who have signed in to the Richer Sounds newsletter - Analysing the use of the site Richer Sounds' key customers Before when Richer Sounds started they only sold audio separates and so at that time the key customers were identified as only male aged 16 - 30. Today it has so much improved in technology wise and so they now sell many different items, which are brought by a range of customers - both male and female of all ages. ...read more.


obtain information by their newly upgraded computerise system and they also ask specific customers how they found out about their business How they meet their customer needs Richer Sounds aim to do this in the following ways: - Producing the informative, fun and friendly in-store catalogues - Encouraging the feedback from the customers and all the colleagues - Always trying to find out the mistakes and what improvement could be made with it The use of IT in Marketing - To produce all the documents needed such as newsletters - So they will be able to read customers' data - To contact colleagues quickly by using email and other internal software - To design the catalogues using special software's Kelvin Wong ...read more.

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