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International marketing for hairdressing

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Content Page 1. Introduction P.2 2. Marketing Analysis of Japan P.3 3. Marketing Analysis of Russia P.5 4. Marketing Analysis of South Africa P.7 5. Marketing and Media Strategy P.9 6. Conclusion P.10 7. Reference P.11 8. Appendix P.12 Introduction LOUIStylez, a well-established beauty enterprise was founded in 1989 in London as a small hairdressing salon in the heart of Soho. Over the years it grew to become one of the most respectable and recognised brand names in the world of hairdressing and beautification. Offering their state-of-the-art contemporary services to middle and upper-middle class individuals between 20 and 35 year old, LOUIStylez managed to open more than 35 salons in the UK. Through their dedicated franchising program and successful performance, LOUIStylez is constantly looking for opportunities to enter new markets. Unlike the majority of franchisees who provide only brand name, equipment and professional cosmetics, LOUIStylez offer in addition a design development, free of charge training on marketing, psychology, management and administration four times a year, web-site in the language of the country they operate in, intranet and corporative magazine, advertising assistance and discount system. Moreover, in order to promote the brand and increase consumer loyalty, LOUIStylez distribute the small bathes of their professional cosmetics through the major retail chains. The company's managers strictly watch the quality of services offered in their franchised salons. ...read more.


They explain it that well-to-do people, main consumers of elite beauty services, due to developing system of consumer crediting and allocation of funds for new luxury items such as cars, e-technologies, and mobile phones, people prone to shift from elite-class salons to middle-class ones. Currently the work load of economy class salons is 50-70% of maximum capacity, 30-50% for business class salons, and 10-30% for VIP salons. "A hair-do by elite master ranges in prices from US$60 to US$600. In business class salons this service will cost from US$20-40 to US$100-130. Cosmetological procedures range from US$40 to US$130 in elite salons and from US$25 to US$60 in business class salons". Analytics predict that the largest potential in the sector is in business class salons. Apart from the fact that the size of this sector during the last two years amounted only 5%, at the moment more than 70% of newly opened enterprises are targeted towards business class people. Moreover, 90% of graduates from beauty salon management are planning to open a business class salon. The other tendency indicated in beauty salon business is demand for constant renovation. "Professional managers recommend the following scheme of reinvestment: 50% of net profit in the fist year, 35% in the second year and not less than 15% in all the following years". A beauty salon has a life cycle of 5-7 years and requires a total restyling after this period of time. ...read more.


We strongly believe that such an integrated marketing communications approach will bring in loyal and long-term customers. Moreover, through sending press releases, e-mail advertisements announcing salon changes, new innovations and services, in that way we are keeping in touch with our current customers, at the same time, attracting the new ones. Moreover, in order to promote the brand and increase consumer loyalty, LOUIStylez distribute the small bathes of their professional cosmetics through the major retail chains. The company's managers strictly watch the quality of service offered in their franchised salons in order to maintain our strong brand. LOUIStylez also benefit from improved links with the local communities, through charity events and sponsorship. Conclusion In those countries, they have a healthy economy and good potential to produce their services and goods to worldwide. Hairdressing has been an important part of the dress of both men and women, people are willing to spend on fixing their hair. Although Japan has a wide range of fashion trends, there are a lot of competitions in their fashion market. South Africa is so multicultural, people are living in different living standard, so there are many different kinds of salon and barbershop over this country. However, Russia's fashion is close to European country, it has also attracted some foreign fashion investments, such as Tony and Guy. At the same time, market is not saturated, there are still plenty of space for new entrants. ...read more.

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