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OUTLINE MARKETING PLAN FOR KIOSKS PROGRAMME Objectives 1. To set up and manage a minimum of 30 kiosks between Quarteira and Alvor 2. To generate a minimum annual average of 4 qualified leads per day per kiosk 3. To generate a higher closing ratio than from OPC leads 4. To build credibility with tourists from first contact 5. To have appropriate qualifications to ensure that money is not wasted with under qualified prospects 6. To establish a more consistent number of tours throughout the year and reduce the highs and lows of the current OPC programme Overview As many kiosks as possible will be obtained. Each kiosk will be identified as an 'Information Center' through appropriate signage. Each kiosk will require a telephone, water and electricity. Kiosks will be manned in winter from 9am to 7pm and in the summer from 8am to 11pm. There will be 2 shifts per kiosk. 2 MC's will man each shift. Therefore, it is predicted that 5 MC's will be required per kiosk working on a rotation basis. Each MC will wear a uniform (polo shirt) and name badge. MC's will receive an instruction manual and receive the appropriate training. ...read more.


Tickets are dispensed solely at the reception (or gift centre) so tickets cannot be provided to the prospect at the kiosk - this eliminates the ability of the MC's to sell tickets without a resort tour. The additional source of income to MC's is used as a motivational tool. MC's can earn more commissions, without it being a conflict of interest or a cost to the company. Obviously, the appropriate payment procedures need to be put in place and the MC's should receive a statement from the Accounts Department each week along with their commissions, showing the amount of commissions (from leads and additional tickets sold over the first 2 tickets) that they have earned less charge backs. Exclusivity arrangements (in relation to timeshare companies) with excursion companies, etc will be sought in the first instance in order to eliminate duplication of this programme by our competitors. Kiosk contracts In the first instance, appropriate 'Cameras' need to be approached to identify possible locations for kiosks and to negotiate prices. Contracts should aim to be as flexible as possible to limit financial exposure. For areas where 'free-standing' kiosks are not possible, shops and other outlets will need to be approached. ...read more.


It is anticipated that 1 or 2 personnel will be required for this process initially, and additional staff can be recruited as the programme expands. 3. Assistant to NVB - In order to release NVB from bureaucratic duties, an assistant is required 4. Office space - This would be utilized for NVB, NVB's assistant and for the Reservations Department staff. Phones, and other office equipment will be required. Lead generation procedure 1. Prospect approaches the kiosk 2. Pitch is made 3. Deposit of �20 minimum is taken 4. Provisional day/time is agreed between MC and prospect 5. MC phones Reservations Department to confirm booking day/time 6. Reservations Department agrees to accept booking (based on pre-agreed numbers of bookings allowable per session*) and provides a confirmation number 7. Confirmation number is written on invitation that also acts as a deposit receipt 8. Reservations Department contacts Transport Department to inform them of pick-up day/time/location/name/number of people 9. Meeting point for transport on day of booking will be at the kiosk where booking is made 10. Transport booking time will be determined by session chosen and length of transit time to resort 11. Van picks up prospects on agreed day/time/location 12. Prospects arrive at resort and the greeting process starts 13. Upon termination of tour, Transport Department arranges for transport back to starting point Created by Sasha Sharpley 30-04-2007 1 ...read more.

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