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Marketing and processes

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Task 2 Marketing 2.1 Marketing Marketing is the management process which is responsible for identifying potentially profitable products and then selling them to customers. It is important in the processes of :- > Identifying the business within its market > Attracting customers to the business > Raising awareness of clients and other businesses to its presence in the market > Overall increase of sales > Overall expansion of the business > Spending money to increase sales and profit 2.2 Types of Market Research Market research is finding out as much information about the market concerned from as many sources as possible. It allows you to collect information about competitors, about the market you are entering and the customers generally attracted to that specific market. ...read more.


Secondary (desk) research is the process of collecting secondary data. This is information which already exists, such as accounts and sales records, government statistics, newspaper articles or reports from advertising agencies. This is information which is already available, both within and outside the business. Advantages of using Secondary data is that it is already available and therefore time is saved on collecting the data, also it allows you to use huge amounts of data so that the final outcome is more precise and the overall research is more successful. However, it may be difficult to find the specific data you require for your research and some data available may not be appropriate for what you are looking for, so that the questions you are asking may not be answered. ...read more.


This will not be expensive and should enable to me to find results that are appropriate and up to date. I plan to get hold of leaflets from already up-and-running leisure centres so that I can acquire data from successful businesses in this market. This should give me information on the general marketing methods of businesses in this market so that I can achieve a general idea of the techniques already in use for attracting customers and maintaining sale whilst increasing profits. I am going to use the notes I took when the guest speaker visited our class from Durham County Council. This will help me in the construction of my questionnaire, as Mr Batty gave us valuable advice about his own first hand experience. Caroline Lemon October 2003 GCSE Business Studies Coursework ...read more.

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