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Marketing Concept And Segmentation In Practice.

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University Of Wollongong (Marketing Management) TBS 904 Assignment About: [ Marketing Concept And Segmentation In Practice] Made By: Ghada Ibrahim Al Nakhala ID NO. 2532359 Introduction The success of business in small and large organizations is based on the ability to build a growing body of satisfied customers. Enterpreneurs must focus their efforts on indentifying, satisfying and follow up on the customers needs. Marketing emphasize what the customer wants. * Marketing as a definition 1. Indentify the wants and needs of the customers and coordinaretly create products to satisfy these needs profitably and efficiently. 2. The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, place (distribution), ideas, goals and services to create exchanges that satisfy objectives. Through this assignment I will examine the implications of different marketing concept elements in one of the fast growing national drug companies in UAE that is J.D.S [ Julphur Drug Stores]. - Executive Summary: J.D.S - Or Julphur drug store - is a fast growing national drug company which has a lot of activities in UAE Market, mainly manufacturing and selling different types of drugs in national and internation market. A study on the J.D.S Marketing Practice was done through this assigment on one of the J.D.S strategic products that is Julmentine. J.D.S has made a great effort in collecting information about competitors by dealing with a reasearch company and other ways mentioned through this study also J.D.S identify the unsatisfied needs in the market and try to match them with the specific characteristics of Julmentine dosage forms. J.D.S gets feedback from the market about Julmentine from different types of customers and respond to them as fast as possible. Market segmentation was done according to geographical segmentation and further segmentation is done in each target segment according to different variables. Each target Market has its own specific marketing mix of different dosage forms from Jumentive, different promotion intensity, different quantities from the product and suitable prices in each target market. ...read more.


- each strap contains 5 tablets and can be seperated as a unit dose tablets taken as a single dose alone when travelling to far areas and as each tablet in the aluminium strap pack is protected from light & humidity. - Through the toll-free in drug information department some customers (patients) gives suggestions or copmaints (feedback) about JDS products like Julmentine. For Ex; the difficulty to carry the old glass bottle pack of Julmentine tablets which contains the 20 tablets with the employee to work so that he will not miss a dose while is one work -- this problem was solved when Julmentine tablet shifted to the new aluminium strap pack which gives the flexibility for employees to take one strap of Julmentine or even one tablet with him to work instead of the heavy old glass bottle. - Patients will give a positive or negative feedback to pharmacist in private pharmacies - As they will talk about their experience in using Julmentine full treatment course - which usually is successful when it is used with the right frequency and duration. These information are collected by medical rep. from their direct contact with the pharmacist. Comments & Recommendations on Julmentine feedback: JDS team do get feedback from the market through difference ways explained before - JDS by this way setup a customer advisory panel which helps the firm to learn more about customers need from Julmentine as a product and the customers (patients, doctors & pharmacists) feel closer to the firm (JDS) that listen to their comments. A great effort is done in this area by JDS team . (6) Segmenting the UAE market by JDS team. Segmentation: is the process that divides the market into target audience with simliar characters and needs. - Segmentation is a common marketing practice whereby customers are placed into different grouping on basis of demographic, geographic, psychographic or other characteristics. ...read more.


There is always a delay in delivery of goods to customers. Other services offered by JDS are: (1) Educating lecturers in hotels for both pharmacists and doctors on JDS products followed by dinner. (2) They add the number of lines to toll-free...to become 3 times for toll-free in the company for any compaints or suggestions on JDS products. (3) There is a website for JDS on internet presenting all information about JDs and its products. (4) Protential doctors are invited to symposiums on the sponers of JDS to promote them to prescribe JDS products. (5) Pharmacists pushing JDS products on the counter in potential pharmacises may get a golden coin or tickets from JDS to motivate them to push JDS products on the counter. * Recommendations & Comments on different services offered by JDS compared to its products. -JDS can improve their delivery service to customres by increasing the number of vehicles used in service and increase the number of workers in delivery line to satisfy the customer needs of fast delivery of the goods..as many other drug copmanies do in UAE market. - JDS may improve the replacement of expired goods. By replacing the expired items install amount without the need for a new order from the pharmacy or the customer - inorder to replace other expired items. Or it may ask its customers to return back their nearly expired items before 3 or 6 months from their date of expiry. Which is a strategy applioed in other drug stores in UAE. Still in this field JDS need to exert more effort to satisfy its customer needs. (11) Conclusion: JDS or Julphur drug store -- According to the different marketing elements I pass through them in this assignment.. I found that JDS is correctly implicating all marketing concepts - elements successfully. It tries its best to perform at higher business performance levels, but still it needs to exert more effort in certain areas of its practice. But generally, it is moving fast towards being a star company in the national & international drug market. ...read more.

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