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Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitability.

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Marketing Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitability. Management - day to day operations, admin, organise and motivate staff, manage customers and to monitor other departments, organise money and the profit they make. The use of this term indicates the level of importance of marketing decisions. Successful marketing needs requires constant information gathering, as well as data analysis in order for decisions to be made. Identifying - in marketing identifying the customer requirements in a business and how do we keep in touch with their thoughts and perceptions about our goods and service. Anticipating - Consumer requirements needs to be taking into account. As people become richer they may look for a more greater variety of goods and services, it also involves looking at the future as well as the past. ...read more.


Its main aim is to enable businesses to meet the needs of their actual and potential customers. These are the main principles in an organisation * Understand customer needs * Understand and keep ahead of the competition * Communicate effectively with its customers to satisfy customer expectations * Co-ordinate its functions to achieve marketing aims * Be aware of constraints on marketing activities - Understand customer needs - Knowing what customers needs are and satisfying that need as well as making a profit - Understand and keep ahead of the competition - Anticipating what your competitors are doing and keeping a close eye on their main activities so that you are always in front of them - Communicate effectively with its customers to satisfy customers expectations - Finding what customers really want and making sure that they purchase the product also make sure that you make a profit. ...read more.


how the business is run because they have a wide range of control over the business and all its staff and is usually the direct link to all the other departments, the shareholders and the directors - Shareholders have the last word of say on what is decided in the business and the money they have invested so they have a large influence on the operations of the business - The government would probably have a small influence on expansion in the business e.g. supporting the organisation with some funds to speeds up the development. The internet is a very important in marketing because it opens up a load of new markets for a business globally. E-commerce is very important to marketing because it can be used to enhance advertisements that will tempt and attract in a stronger fashion making it a better chance of the product being bought. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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