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Marketing mix of McDonalds

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´╗┐Marketing Objective A marketing plan must be created to meet clear objectives. Aims to lead marketing efforts and are used to measure how well the plan works. They may be related to market share, sales, goals, reaching your target audience and build awareness in the market. Objectives communicate what marketers want to achieve. Long-term goals are divided into short-term measurable objectives which McDonald used as milestones on the road. The results can be analysed regularly to see whether the objectives have been achieved. This type of feedback allows the company to change plans. This gives you flexibility. Once marketing objectives are set next step is to determine how they will be achieved. ...read more.


McDonald knows that the menu item depends on its popularity. Their ability to generate profits will vary at different points in the cycle. The McDonald's India has a diversified range of products focusing more on vegetarian products, like the majority of consumers in India are primarily vegetarian. Happy Meal for kids is a great seller among others. 1. Price The customer?s perception of value is an important determinant of the price charged. Customers draw their own mental picture of what a product is worth. A product is more than a physical item; it also has psychological connotations for the customer. The danger of using low price as a marketing tool is that the customer may feel that quality is being compromised. ...read more.


This may be supported by in-store promotions to get people to try the product and a collectable promotional device to encourage them to keep on buying the item. At McDonalds the prime focus is on targeting children. In happy meals too which are targeted at children small toys are given along with the meal. Apart from this, various schemes for winning prices by way of lucky draws and also scratch cards are given when an order is placed on the various mean combos. 1. Place, as part of the marketing mix, not just the physical location or distribution points. It includes a number of management processes in bringing products to the final consumer. McDonald points are very evenly throughout the city makes it very accessible. Drive and drive through the options to make McDonald's more convenient products to consumers. ...read more.

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