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Marketing mix - Poppets.

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Contents 1. Introduction 2. Questionnaire 3. How I did Questionnaire 4. Shop survey 5. Methodology 6. Application of marketing mix 7. Product 8. Price 9. Place 10. Promotion 11. Packaging 12. Analysis of Poppets national questionnaire 13. Questionnaire Results 14. Recommendations Poppets Questionnaire Are you male or female? Male Female How old are you? 0-12 13-16 17-25 10- 26-40 40+ Do you eat sweets? Yes No How often do you eat Poppets? Daily Weekly Monthly Less then once a month What flavours do you eat? Mint Toffee Hazelnut other How often do you buy them? Daily Weekly Monthly Other Where do you buy your sweets? Asda Tesco Co-op Post office Newsagents School Leisure Centre Other How much are you willing to spend? 0-10p 10-20p 20-30p 30-40p 40-50p 50-60p 60-70p 70p+ How often do you see Poppets Adverts? Daily Weekly Monthly Never seen one Poppets Questionnaire (page2) Rate Poppets out of 10 1 b 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 10 Where do you live? Stowmarket Needham Market Haughley S Stowupland Ipswich Where do you notice adverts most? TV Cinema Newsagents Bill Boards Radio The Price of Poppets is approx 31 p. Do you think this is. Excellent Value Good Value Average Value Poor Value V Poor Value What type of promotion makes you want to buy a product? Money off Bogof Competitions Free Gifts Charity Links What is the main strength of Poppets? ...read more.


Product Life cycle A product life cycle analyses the various parts of a product's life. All products have a life-cycle. Key Introduction - This is the products first appearance Growth - The product is fairly new, and the public awareness is growing, as is the demand. The sales are increasing. Maturity - This is when sales are increasing and nearly at the highest point, Saturation - This is when sales are at the highest point, but the rate of sales is decreasing slowly. Decline - This is when sales are decreasing and the demand is far fewer. I think Poppets are here Sales and Profit Intro Growth Mat Sat Decline Time Product Positioning Map Richness Price Price Price is the cost of a product or service. No matter how good the product, promotion, packaging is; if the price is not good then the sales will not be satisfactory. The average price for Poppets is 31p. This is satisfactory price for a box of Poppets. The 31p price tag is quite infuriating as not many people carry an extra 1p in their pocket this can be because it is virtually worthless. Poppets disastrous period can be blamed on other companies, for example Revels and These companies charge slightly more for their products. Comparison of Price Poppets M & M's Malteasers Revels Minstrels Milk buttons Skittles Demand Curve The demand curve shows that the lower the price the higher the demand. ...read more.


This would be an opportunity for Poppets to increase the product life cycle. Place I think the best place to position Poppets is near the counter this is because many people are tempted to purchase a product when they are bored. Promotion I think Poppets need new advertising methods. Now is a good time to advertise on Billboards. I think billboards are better then any other method because the other methods have major flaws. For example on TV people can channel hop and skip the adverts. I think that Payne's should endorse a famous person as a promotion method; I think this would be successful because many people try out food as a result of this. Payne's should create leaflets and hand them out to customers, they should give out free samples of flavours that are not selling well, Spend more money on adverts that are successful such as radio adverts, and they are also cheaper then other types of adverts such as TV adverts. Payne's should also use different promotion methods and should consider advertising on billboards, because on T.V people can channel hop, this is another reason not to advertise on TV. Payne's also should make more Bogof promotions, as this is a very successful type of promotion. Price The price of Poppets is good; the analysis shows that most people think it is an average price. But if you look at the competitors then Poppets is fairly cheap because the RRP of its competitors is higher then Poppets. Product I recommend Payne's to bring out more flavours, as there are very few flavours of Poppets. Chiraag Suchak 11DS ...read more.

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