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Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan for 'Zen's Cholesterol Free Chips.' Product The product is a cholesterol free chips which is made especially in the Zen potato field in India. In ensures the best possible quality as it is made in the most natural way as possible as it has only a minimal use toxic fertilizers unlike any other potato farm in the world. This ensures a premium quality raw material to produce the finest chips. In the production process, it is fried in fat free vegetable oil which contains very low cholesterol. The apt choice of raw materials and the hygienic production process makes Zen's Potato chips about 94.98% cholesterol free which also appears to be its Unique Selling Point (USP). The chips will look like any other potato chips and its packaging will be in a cylindrical cardboard box with a very thin sheet of aluminum which will also make Zen's potato chips environmental friendly and easy to recycle. ...read more.


Hence, Zen's potato chips appear to be quite new in the market. However, keeping in mind the fact that there might be possible competitors in the near future, it will be more likely that they will go with competitive pricing. However, to examine competitors prices may cost a lot of time and money but with this method of pricing sales are likely to be high as the price will be in a more realistic level as the product will not be over priced or under priced. Promotion The main form of adverting for Zen's potato chips will be in the newspapers. This is because ample amount of information about the product can be given. Moreover, as the picture of the product will be shown, it will help the reader of the newspaper to differentiate between Zen's potato chips and other ordinary chips. ...read more.


Increasing demand for healthy snacks in the market has caused the food market to become more and more competitive. Hence attractive and new promotion schemes are important to guarantee the success of a new product like Zen's potato chips. Place Zen's potato chips will aim to sell its products in all the popular supermarkets and hypermarket to establish its product completely. They might prefer to display their product on the shelves of the snacks section and the health corner to increase the potential customers of the firm. There will be a direct channel of distribution from the manufacturer to the retailer to the customer. Moreover, in places like a supermarket free tasting of the product will be given, to convince people of the quality and taste of the product. Other promotional strategies can also be used. ...read more.

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