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Marketing plan for a tutoring service.

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A target audience is a group of people that are the primary group that a product or advertising campaign is aimed at. When designing a product, the designers have to think about who their product would appeal to, and therefore how it should be advertised, depending on the packaging. In the example of Mrs Butler, she would also need to target a specific age appropriate audience. When you look at the tutoring market as a whole, you can find that there are many different types, set into the segment that I have shown below. Driving Children?s Exams Language Sports Skills (accounts, using machinery etc) First Aid Extra Support at school As we already have our specific market that we need to work in, which is tutoring, we can once again try and work out the segment of our section of the market. 4-7 year olds 7-10 year olds 11+ exam 11-13 14-16 16-18 I think that the age ranges that Mrs Butler should target are 7-10, 11+, 11-13, 14-16 and 16-18 because these are mainly the ages that she specialises in. As her children are nearing the end of their primary education, she can try to give them the same support that she has given her own children. As she is qualified in GCSE and A Level Business studies, she can offer this course to her pupils and people who need extra support on a one to one level. ...read more.


I asked how much they charged and found that the price for each age gap increases by £2-£3. They found that when they were ‘open’ on Sundays, they didn’t get many pupils and Wednesday and Saturday were the most popular days. I found that as this would be a new service that was set up, Mrs Butler should only tutor 15 people, until she becomes more confident and then she can start to tutor more pupils. To work out how Mrs Butler could balance her time, I have devised a diary, that she could follow to plan out her lesson times. She could save one day a week for A level, one for Year 11, Year 10 and one for the 11+ so that she knows what she is doing, and can get all of the textbooks out that she needs, ready for the lesson. I found that the older the age range, the more expensive the books and textbooks are and to make a profit, the price for the pupil would have to reflect this. I think that Mrs Butler should carry out her tutoring service at home as this will secure her safety rather than her having to go to other people’s homes and risk her own safety. Working at home will also mean that she doesn’t need to pay any fees in terms of rent although she will need to pay for the insurance. I would suggest that she rents out a room although to do this, she would have to pay a larger rent and increase her budget from £300 to £600. ...read more.


It can produce a good overturn and is cost effective as there is a lot of content that you can put on there, for a cheap price, and still make lots of money. There are more people that are likely to see your website As well as advantages, there are also disadvantages with advertising your company on the internet. They can include difficulty in attracting customers, difficulty of paying over the internet, or by card. There are also many problems that the customers potentially have as they may feel that they can?t contact the person on the other side of the website, and therefore don?t know whether they can trust them with their child (ren). The way you advertise the company has a large impact on the customers that you receive and you want customers that could potentially pay you as soon as the lesson is over, rather than having a month end fee, and then not paying it. 1 14-16 4 3 2 6 5 5 6 2 3 4 1 Diary Monday Tuesday 3:30- 5:30 3:30- 5:30 Wednesday Thursday 3:30- 6:30 3:30- 5:30 Friday Saturday 3:30- 5:30 10:30- 3:30 Sunday Day Off! Monday- Friday, 2 students a day, 3 on Wednesday is 11 students, Saturday, 5 students, altogether 16 students. The diary above shows the hours that you could do and the students that you could work with in a week. As some A-level students have free periods last and finish at 2:30, Mrs Butler could tutor them, an hour after they have finished, giving them time to get there if they live far away. ...read more.

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