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Marketing Plan

Extracts from this document...


Contents Page * Action plan Page 3 * Aims of the coursework Page4 * My Business Page5 * Marketing Mix Page6 * Definition of Market Research Page7 * Market Segmentation Page8-11 * Market Research Pages12-14 * Hypothesis Pages15-20 * Evaluation Pages21-22 * Marketing Plan Pages23-25 * Trade and Sex discrimination Act Page26 * Bibliography Page27 What do I have to do in this task What Information do I need How and where will I get the information What will I need next if I cannot find the Information that I need When do I need to finish this task by You have to complete an Action Plan The completion dates for the tasks From the worksheet given to me by my teacher Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 01/05/07 What are the aims and objectives of the task Task sheet Mr Sood Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 05/05/07 Identify and apply relevant theory to the marketing plan Note books / internet Note books / internet Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 10/05/07 Carry out Market Research including Market including hypothesis Questionnaire & any other market research tool From the public Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 30/05/07 Produce Findings Completed research From the public / respondents Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 06/06/07 Compare Hypothesis with Research Findings Complete research & findings From completed research Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 25/06/07 Produce Marketing Plan From my completed research From my research Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 10/07/07 Evaluate your work through SWOT Analysis Completed research Completed research Use my own initiative to ask my teacher if I get stuck 19/07/07 Aims And Objectives * Aim of the coursework * Objectives of your coursework * Application of theory-think of ...read more.


Social grade Social status Head of household's Occupation A Upper middle class Higher managerial, administrative or professional such as doctors, lawyers and company directors. B Middle Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional such as teachers, nurses and managers. C1 Lower Middle class Supervisory or clerical and junior managerial, administrative or professional such as a shop assistant, clerks and police constables. C2 Skilled working class Skilled manual workers such as carpenters, cooks and train drivers. D Working class Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers such as fitters and storekeepers. E The poorest in society State pensioners or widows, casual or lower grade workers, or long-term unemployed. Source Anderton Lifestyle Secondary research - when a project requires a summary or collection of existing data. Other secondary research available includes: * Telephone directories * Yellow pages * Internet * Newspapers and * Magazines * Trade magazines and trade journals * Statistical reports including census reports Market Research This means to find out the information for the following; Costs How much it will cost to start a business or running a business Competitors The suppliers of your business product or services Consumers The people who will use your products or services Customers The people who will purchase your product from you. Source: GCSE Business Studies for Edexel Secondary Research A big deal of research for the consumer is done through the reports in the libraries, trade associations and university research bodies. It sometimes involves irrational dislikes, likes and preferences of your "end-users." Other secondary search is shown as follows; * Telephone directories, E.g. Yellow pages Etc. * House reports from the company * Internet * Magazines * Rations reports of the businesses These are available from the reference of the business which comes from the sections of the major libraries which should be quickly assessed. Advantages and disadvantages of Secondary research Advantages Disadvantages Cheap Probably out of date Less time Consuming May not meet your needs of research Information readily available through internet, library & own business The right questions ...read more.


I will be planning to advertise on one whole page including 4 offer and description lines, and I will include one picture of a Mercedes-Benz. The prices for advertising in The Guardian are: One picture: �25 One line: �12 This will cost me: �25+(�12*4)= �73 This price is for one advertisement Trade description Act 1968 It was accomplished in 1968, which makes it a criminal offence for traders to make false statements about the goods they sell. This means, for example, that it is illegal to say that goods can do something they cannot, such as say that a black and white printer can print good colour printouts. Also, it is illegal to say that goods include ingredients that they do not So I will have to be careful with what I sell and what the thing does. Otherwise if I make a false statement of a product I sell. This act has offered protection to consumers and legitimate traders for over three decades. It is an extremely versatile piece of legislation which has been used to tackle all manner of different forms of unfair trading e.g.: * a insurance policy been explained correctly * Make sure the customer understands everything of a product or policy of something * The terms and conditions not explained correctly. If I would do something like this, judiciary will be charged against me. Sex discrimination act 1975. This is a another legal constraint, but this relates to the gender. This act in 1975 and 1986 has been made to protect men and women to be discriminated on the grounds of the gender. According to this law I will not be allowed to have one gender privileging with any fields of service, prices or anything else like that. Effects on Environment and Society Producing leaflets will be a bad point of my advertising. If people throw them on the streets, the council will increase the taxes and will have to keep workers to clean them thus it will cost money. This could be a possible effect that my marketing campaign would have on the environment and society. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Marketing and Markets section.

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