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Marketing PrinciplesProduct Individual goods, product lines, or services.

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Marketing Principles Product Individual goods, product lines, or services. Strategy: This is obviously the most important part of any business. In order for a product or service to succeed, it must offer clear, distinct and non-arguable value to the buyer. Supply and demand are the judge and jury. Tactics: Includes features, accessories, installation, instructions, service, warranty, packaging, and brand names. ...read more.


Tactics: Channels, distribution systems, middlemen, warehousing, transportation, fulfilment, and shipping. Price Strategy: Price meets it own demand. Price points are a function of the degree of innovation found in the product. The more innovation and thus value added, the more latitude you have in setting a price. Tactics: Setting a price that serves the customer well and maximizes profits to the company is a must. ...read more.


Tactics: Personal selling, mass selling, sales promotion, sales personnel, advertising, media selection, copywriting. Principles of Marketing Summary A marketing plan takes considerable effort to understand and characterize the market, the customer, and the environment in which you are conducting business. The marketing principles are the controllable component of your marketing plan. A final way to look at this is external factors vs. internal factors: ...read more.

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