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Marketing Promotional Objectives

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E4: Marketing Promotional Objectives An objective represents targets that need to be reached to achieve the company's aims. These objectives can affect the way businesses operate. Business organisations can achieve their set objectives in short periods or/and long periods. These are known as short-run objectives and long-run objectives. A short-run objective lasts up to one year, and it is used to achieve long-run objectives. A long-run objective last up to three or five years, and they are quite difficult to reach. Marketing objectives are objectives that can help to decide where share of the market- size and revenue is needed to achieve the company's mission and objectives. Marketing objectives also decides how the elements of marketing mix can help achieve these in each customer segment. Here are some examples of marketing objectives: 1. 1. To increase sales revenue 2. To maintain/improve product and brand image 3. To increase market share 4. ...read more.


be tough but not too tough, or else business will give up without attempting because, the target is impossible to reach * Timely- the target should have a deadline so that, when that deadline arrives, businesses can make sure if, they have achieved the target Here are some examples of measurable objectives: 1. Marketing objectives: - To gain 23% of the market for sport shoes by September 2006 - To increase sales for mobile phones by 3% over the next 18 months 2. Promotional objectives: - To increase awareness of the danger of aids in France form 12% to 15% by June 2004 - To increase trail of X washing powder form 2% to 5% of our target market by January 2005 Once a business organisation has set its objectives, it must decide how it will achieve them. There are number of ways to develop a successful strategy- most are related to increasing sale, developing products or markets. ...read more.


Promotional Objectives: 1. To reach a target audience which might be geologically dispersed- This objective can be achieved by advertising through different types of media across the world, e.g. television commercials, radio commercials, newspapers, posters, etc 2. To remind existing customer of the service so they might re-use the service again- This objective can be achieved by using appropriate media to remind existing customers at a specific area of the service. For example, television commercials about the service, targets new and existing customers in homes and in television stores 3. To show the service is better than that of a competitor- This objective can be achieved by differentiating the service from other competitors' service 4. To develop or improve the image of the business (that is HSBC Bank)- This objective can be achieved by using corporate advertising to promote the image of the business ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 7: Marketing and Promotional Strategy Created by Baljinder Duhra - 26 - ...read more.

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