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Marketing research.

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Introduction Marketing research provides the mechanism for identifying and anticipating customer requirements and for measuring whether customers are satisfied by these product offerings (Crouch & Housden, 1996). As a market research manager I have attempted to conduct a survey showing local attitudes towards my organisation. The organisation I'm referring to is the association of voluntary organisations in Wrexham or AVOW. AVOW's mission statement is to be 'committed to the development of a strong voluntary sector for the benefit of the people of Wrexham county borough'. AVOW provides information to the voluntary sector, community organisations and the general public. See appendix 1 for further details. In attempting to research community attitudes towards AVOW, perhaps it would be appropriate to begin by discussing research methodology. Then It might be fitting to look at problems within the organisation, followed by the questionnaire results and analysis. Research methodology Qualitative research is full of meaning and information. It doesn't rely on statistics and is more concerned with reason than factual figures. It is commonly used in interviews and group discussions. Quantitative research is based on statistics and figures. It is commonly used in questionnaires and representative samples. With qualitative research the sampling method should be designed to include all possible points of view, although it does not have to denote proportionally groups in the population. Quantitative research requires the sampling method to reflect all points of view as well as in the proportion they exist in the population (ozco.gov.au, 2003). ...read more.


Open format are 'those that ask for unprompted opinions' (cc.gatech.edu, 2003). So there is no pre-set responses, the respondent can answer the question however they choose. Open format questions are good for soliciting a range of data that will truly reflect the opinions of the respondents, as it is impossible to predict the full range of opinion. It is common to end a questionnaire with an open format question in order to gain ideas for improvements. Open format questions however cannot have statistical analysis performed on them and cannot be tabulated. They have to be read individually which can be time consuming and costly which may not be practical for AVOW'S lower budget. The respondent can also interpret the answer differently from other respondents. More time is also placed on the respondent with open format questions and the danger is that they will become bored and not answer the questions properly. Closed format questions usually take the form of multiple choice questions; these are easy for the respondent to answer. There needs to be enough questions to cover the range of answers but not so many as the distinction becomes unclear. This would be around five to ten possible answers (cc.gatech.edu, 2003). For questions where the range is from easy to difficult etc it is easy to think there should be an odd number of responses however this allows a neutral or no opinion response, an even number of responses would force respondents to stop 'sitting on the fence'. ...read more.


Such as how to set up a charitable trust, or information on setting up childcare services. Leaving advertisement to word of mouth alone could be causing AVOW to be missing out on key business for them in the Wrexham area. Nine responses were given for the question what would you do to improve AVOW. More literature as definitely noted as what AVOW needed to improve on. It could be possible to produce information packs on things such as how to fundraise, these could be charged at a small price and possibly reduce the need for consultants that are paid. Longer opening hours was another complaint. This could be rectified using the internet as a means to book rooms and a password system could be used to access members only information. Conclusion This essay has attempted to explore using the DECIDE model and various others means community attitudes towards the AVOW organisation. In doing so it was found that members of AVOW found the service to be very high in standard. The essay has shown that there are various problems with any type of research technique and that reliability can never be 100%. The questionnaire performed was only analysed from 15 respondents such a small sample may have been taken from people who only like AVOW and may have missed out on those who find the service below standard. Future research will ideally go on to ask the same questions at a later date for comparison and also different questions in order to gain further information on community attitudes towards AVOW. ...read more.

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