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Marketing Strategy

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Marketing Strategy Introduction The following few pages which follow help to show overall how and which types of strategies on various things based on Marketing strategies can help Cadburys in launching there new product. Marketing strategy is a plan of action which is used by many businesses around the world, which helps the business meet its aims and objectives, it can also assist a business when launching a new product as it helps to identify which different strategies would be best to use. Marketing strategies can be split into two main categories which are: * Short-Term * Long-Term Short-term strategies help a business to focus mainly on the four P's, product, price, place and promotion which are vital to all businesses, as these four features are the main things which help a business to achieve objectives if they are used correctly. On the other we have long-term strategies which are used to plan the future actions of a business, this can include producing tables such as a ansoff matrix which helps a business to decide on many things such as, whether to launch a new product or to improve previous products, overall making the right decisions on which type of strategy to use is ...read more.


they have out in the market which is the Brunchbar, is not doing very well and people would not buy it, so I feel this would be the worst option to choose. * If Cadburys was to use product development for there product, I feel this could possibly be successful, although after the failure of there previous product people may not buy there new product. * If Cadburys was to use market development, I feel that again there could possibly be a chance of success, as they may have aimed there previous product at the wrong market, although people from the new market may also not be keen to buy there product. * It is clear that if Cadburys was to use diversification and aim a new product at a new market, there would be a high chance of success as long as the new product was to meet customer needs, which can be done through extensive market research to help gather an idea of people who would regularly purchase there product. Marketing Objectives Before a business such as Cadburys can decide on which market strategy they will be using, they must take into consideration that correct and precise marketing objectives are set to help the business to become as successful as possible in the future. ...read more.


* Communicate effectively with customers - This can be done through varieties of places, the most affective would be through promotional techniques used by the business. To ensure I have done this, I listed the possible promotion techniques and chose the ones which I felt would be best to use. * Organize functions to achieve objectives - To ensure correct objective have been set, a business must look at the four P's around the product to make certain that the correct marketing objectives have been set. To help me do this I ran through the four P's of my product, and then checked to see that I had stated most of the possible strategies for the product. * Aware of constraints - All businesses must be aware of the constraints they face on there marketing activities, to ensure that they are then able to work there way around it. To ensure I was aware of the possible constraints from many different factors, I produced both a SWOT and PEST analysis to help me identify these. The above principles of marketing must all be looked and analysed by businesses, to ensure that the launch of the new product runs as smooth as possible. ...read more.

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