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Marketing the Aston Martin DB9

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4Ps The 4Ps are the main form of the marketing mix that describes the strategy position of a product in the market place. The 'marketing mix' is the 4 marketing formats that work together and come out with the companies objective. The 4Ps are: - Product - Place - Promotion - Price. Aston Martin's main goal is uniqueness, power, soul and beauty. ...read more.


The market segment the DB9 is in is the HLS which stands for 'High Luxery Sports Sector' so its main competitor will be other car companies in the same sector such as Bentley and Porche. Which is why the cars have to be priced well. Onto pricing which is an important factor when selling in the HLS, as they are selling their cars at the high end of the market the price is not that much of an issue ...read more.


Market Pricing - pricing the cars dependant on the market and if the market changes. The set price for the DB9 is �120,000, which compared to other DB9's is mid-range, when you have the main 2 other Astons being the DBS which is the top end of the cars at �160,00 and the Vantage which is lower at �100,000 on average. Moving on to place, Aston Martin have 22 dealerships all over the U.K and a further 101 going overseas. ...read more.

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