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Marketing Westlife

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Business Studies Market Segment My band, 'Westlife' is an all-boy band, so I will be mainly targeting the female section of the market. However, I will try to appeal to a wider range of the market. This is because, if I only target one segment of the market, I am less likely to sell as many records, because some of that particular part of the market may buy the record, whereas others may not. Therefore, to maximise sales on Westlife's record, I have to target a wider range of the market to make more people buy the record, thus increasing my profit and money. Media Since Westlife are a huge band, it wouldn't be necessary to have a big media campaign. I could maybe have a small 30-second T.V. slot between 8 and 9 p.m. ...read more.


Hopefully, all these media tacts will pay off, by returning the costs inquired in the media campaign and also going over the cost amount, to make me profits. These media ploys should work as when the girls see the half-naked Westlife with their ripped chests, they may go crazy and go and buy the album. This same rule applies to the billboards and posters as well. Promotions There are a number of promotions that could be used by the band. I have listed them in the categories that they promote. Band-Promotions for the band could include free backstage passes to a Westlife concert, where the winners can go backstage to meet 'the boys'. This could be done by, sending out Westlife questionnaires to various homes, asking the kids to fill out these questionnaires and buy both singles. ...read more.


If sales are still a little below par, I may also offer a free DVD of "Westlife: Behind the Scenes" with the album. This could prove to be a major incentive as girls may also want to see what Westlife do when they are not performing. Public Relations Westlife could gain public relations by me setting up some visits to music shops like Virgin and HMV around Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. During these visits, Westlife will do some record and autograph-signings for fans. I could also talk to and maybe organise for a good T.V. talk-show host like Frank Skinner or Graham Norton to interview one of the members of Westlife. This serves two purposes; firstly, Westlife may gain some more free publicity and also during these talk-shows the audience get to ask questions they always wanted to know the answers to, to the member of Westlife. ...read more.

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