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RUNNING HEAD: MAZDA CARS IMC PLAN Mazda Cars IMC Plan [Name of institution] [Name of writer] Abstract Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all communication tools, avenues and sources within an enterprise in a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at a minimal cost. The development of an IMC campaign strategy is vital for Mazda Cars to become a success. We have taken many factors into account in the process of planning the campaign strategy, as to decide the mix and level of IMC ingredients such as advertising, sales promotion, advertising and direct marketing. The IMC strategy depends on the type of product market, how the product will be available to the public, consumers and the need for a new product and price. Table of Content Introduction 5 Discussion 6 IMC Implementation 6 Marketing Communications Objectives 9 Marketing Communications Strategies 9 Positioning Statement 9 Marketing Mix Components 10 Product- Mazda3 10 * Place- Essex County universities, colleges and dealerships 10 * Price- Average price of $16 000 11 * Promotion- Information booths and contest giveaways. 11 Budget Strategy 11 Employees 11 Promotional Contest- Pub night and ballot entry 11 Ballot Forms and Free Giveaways 12 Test Drive 12 The Mazda Booth 12 Training 13 Work 13 Promotional Contest- Pub night and ballot entry 13 Rental Fees 13 Ballot Contest and Free Giveaways 13 Test Drive 14 The Mazda Booth 14 Creative plan 14 Creative Objectives 14 Key Benefit Statement 15 Support Claims Statement 15 Strategies 15 * Slogan 15 * Image 16 * Theme 16 * Tone and Style 16 * Appeal Techniques 16 Media Plan 17 Media Objectives 17 Who 17 Wh?t 18 Wh?n 18 Wh?r? 18 H?w 18 M?di? Str?t?gy 19 T?rg?t M?rk?t Str?t?gy 19 M?rk?t C?v?r?g? 19 Timing 19 R??ch/Fr?qu?ncy/C?ntinuity 19 M?di? S?l?cti?n R?ti?n?l? 20 N?wsp?p?rs 20 ?nlin? C?mmunic?ti?ns 20 P?rs?n?l S?lling 20 ?v?nt Sp?ns?rship 21 M?di? ...read more.


This publication night to promote the Mazda brand image among young people and potential customers. Also attract many other potential customers who do not attend school but are in the same target market (Rossiter & Percy, 1997, pp 34-267). The attraction of this pub night will be $ 1.50 and drinks and gifts for entry into the survey. Ballot Forms and Free Giveaways We will provide registration forms for the tour of the car gifts. These forms of producing research data in our target market. Students are also encouraged to complete the forms, because we will give free promotional items, and giving us information. This will strengthen our customer database and CRM by the knowledge of our goal in more detail(www.Mazda.com). Test Drive We are going to buy a vehicle that Mazda3 will be used for the test conducted at each school. This evidence of conduct to promote ownership among students. It will also give the opportunity to better understand how the vehicle will benefit from their lifestyle(www.Mazda.com). The Mazda Booth The booth will include three highly qualified representatives of Mazda produce the information available for interrogation. Reservations and payment of the booth will be done to ensure that the objectives remain as scheduled. The booth will include audio-visual interaction, the comparison of graphs and graphics professionals, the entrance polls, information, products and gifts(www.Mazda.com). Budget: For the launch of our campaign, we expect $ 200,000. This budget will go to all the tools of communication and advertising to be used. The next page illustrates the clear division of our finances for our campaign (Peter & Donnelly, 2001, pp 27-189). Training * 1 Mazda trainer- $20.00/hr x 3hrs * Per day = $120.00 x 10 days = $600.00 * 3 employees x $15.00/hr x 3hrs * Per day = $135.00 x 10 days = $1350.00 Training Total =$1950 Work * 3 sales representatives-$15.00/hr x 7hrs per * Day = $315.00 x 40 days = $12,600 Work Total= $12,600 * Employee Wage Total $14,550 Promotional Contest- ...read more.


This could be classified as a test of the product as well. The consumer has understood the potential of a new way that the Mazda3 has to offer. The test will create a demand for the product as an attraction strategy. Consumers want more information on the product and will likely end to the concessions or other representatives of the aid with the process. Push strategies also occur when the product is presented as a promotional activity. Our competition and trade promotion and market excite young people to encourage them to be interested in our product(www.Mazda.com). Promotion Execution Product Sampling As before we have our own car available for test drives. We must awaken to these users by offering the test drive the vehicle to better understand the summary of the specifications(www.Mazda.com). Free Product Giveaways To generate a buzz, free, such as gifts, pens, caps, shirts, snow chains and large brushes with the Mazda logo, which will be given immediately? Each student who participates in and complete our form of votes will be one of those articles of their choice, thus increasing our customer database list view(Shimp, 2003, pp 45-289). Conclusion By creating a basic plan of IMC in the process of the strategy of a marketing strategy. Using the wrong tool can interfere with the target can lead to failure. Adhere to a plan that is organized, research and speak with one voice will translate into success and speak with one voice, not only be clear to the client, but keep the original promise of business. We believe that our success in the Mazda to add all the images and how to integrate Mazda vehicle is a reliable and affordable for young consumers. Our intention will be to increase our sales to reach our goal and the impact of new / potential buyers simultaneously. Our plan of communication and advertising is very unrealistic, due to its relatively low cost and market segmentation objective. We believe it is likely that the Mazda dealer in Windsor using this plan. Of course, we must use our connection to Windsor Mazda to offer our campaign. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Case Studies section.

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