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Mc Donalds Homework

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Mc Donald's Homework 1.When did McDonalds open its first restaurant in the UK? In the UK McDonald's opened its first restaurant, in Woolwich, in 1974. Initially all of our restaurants were owned & managed by the company. However, we started recruiting franchisees in the mid-1980's and opened our first franchise restaurant in 1986. Since that time the number of UK franchisees has steadily grown. Today over 37% of our 1,200+ restaurants are operated by franchisees. 2.How many customers do McDonalds serve each day on average around the world? McDonald's restaurants are found in 120 countries and territories around the world and serve nearly 54 million customers each day. 3.Give two characteristics that McDonalds look for when deciding whether to give a franchise? In addition to ordinary franchise fees, supplies, and percentage of sales, McDonald's also collects rent, partially linked to sales. As a condition of the franchise agreement, the Corporation owns the properties on which most McDonald's franchises are located. 4.What are the three main requirements that you need to have to be a McDonalds franchisee? ...read more.


During your training you will be supported by a member of our Field Services team. The role of this group is to help franchisees profitably build sales, and enhance McDonald's brand through top quality operations. Field Services will review your training and decide when you are ready to be proposed a McDonald's restaurant. Once you have your own restaurant, Field Services will provide whatever support is necessary to help you build the sales and profits of your own restaurant business. This may range from direct 'hands-on' support to discussing business and marketing plans. Field Services provide relevant support and advice, benchmarking, and share best practice with you. 5.What is the usual price of a McDonalds franchise? The usual price to start a McDonalds Franchise is a quarter of a million pounds. 6. What type of qualifications do you need to have to work at McDonalds. The company's recruitment policy, which is based on hiring staff on attitude rather than experience or qualifications, was noted as having been praised by the Work Foundation and Investors in People for creating opportunities for people from marginalized communities. ...read more.


* Mcflurry * French Fries * Salad * Cheese melt dippers * Festive chicken wrap * Apple pie * Choc doughnut * Choc muffin * Egg Mc muffin * Happy meal * Chicken nuggets * Fish fingers * Toasted Bagel * Coca cola * Carrot sticks * Strawberry milkshake * Toasted deli sandwiches * Fruit bag * Oatso simple porridge * Sugar strand doughnut 9. Give some examples of the work that McDonalds does for the community? McDonald's is recognized as an environmental leader for our commitment and our actions - to protect the environment for future generations. McDonalds recognizes that customers' quality of life tomorrow will be affected by our environmental efforts today. 10.what is the MAC? Why do you think McDonalds have introduced it? The McDonalds MAC is the McDonalds advantage club it keeps you up to date with all the latest news from McDonalds. MAC will entitle you and your family to hear our news first in our monthly newsletter and brings you special events & exciting prize draws! By Louise Pinchen 10AHA Sources * McDonalds us * McDonalds UK * McDonalds Canada * Wikipedia ...read more.

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