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McDonald's Review B-TEC

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McDonald's is an international franchise which welcomes 58 million customers in over 31,000 different locations worldwide and over 1.5 million employees. The company serves an average 47 million customers each day throughout the 119 countries you can find McDonald's in. The franchise's main purpose is to deliver products like food and drink putting it in a secondary sector. Founded in 1940 in Illinois, USA by Dick and Mac McDonald the company has since become the largest fast food retailer in the world. Although McDonald's has received a lot of criticism from people that campaign for healthy eating, the company have since introduced a healthy eating range including salad & vegetables and have cut down on advertising of the more unhealthy range of foods it supplies. ...read more.


McDonald's has a range of restaurants in many countries. The most popular being the counter service and drive-thru service located in many well-populated towns & cities. The other types include the McDrive, simply only a drive-thru service found near highways. You will also find a walk-thru service in some downtown-areas although these are quite rare. Also, to keep up with the caf� market, McDonald's decided to introduce a Starbucks-type caf� named "The McCaf�" which was started in Melbourne in 1993, being a concept of McDonald's Australia and are usually located in most McDonald's restaurants throughout the country. Sales have risen 60% in some stores with the new McCaf� look and feel and they are found at 600 different regions in 2006. ...read more.


The corporation also advertises its competitions such as the Best Win Monopoly in which customers can win prizes and McDonald's have also supplied free toys and games with the children's happy meal. This has been known to bring in a large amount of custom. McDonald's isn't always owned by franchisees - 15% of McDonald's stores is owned by the corporation itself. However, in the U.K, less than 30% of stores are owned by franchisees. The corporation earns revenue by operating restaurants, franchising restaurants, and being an investor in properties. 85% of McDonald's restaurants are run from a variety of franchise agreements & joint ventures. McDonald's use a slightly different form of modelling their business; they collect franchise fees and marketing fees as well as rent which can be determined by sales. The corporation is currently sponsoring London Olympics 2012 & the Company gains a lot of publicity from this. ...read more.

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