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McDonalds Corporate Sustainability

Extracts from this document...


Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 3 2.0 Introduction 3 2.1 Why Environmental Sustainability is important 4 2.2 Definition of Environmental Sustainability 4 2.3 McDonalds Restaurants 5 2.4 Methodology 5 3.0 Findings 6 3.1 Obesity 6 3.2 Nutrition 7 3.3 Pollution 8 3.4 Energy 8 3.5 Waste 10 3.6 Environmental Protection Agency 12 4.0 PEST 14 5.0 SWOT 17 6.0 Conclusion 19 7.0 Recommendations 19 8.0 Reference List 21 McDonalds 1.0 Executive Summary McDonalds is a Multi National Corporation that is currently under a lot of pressure to become more 'green'. This report looks at the issues facing the company and the opportunities it can take to achieve this goal. The issues researched are those surrounding obesity, nutrition, pollution, energy saving ideas, wastage and what McDonalds is doing to play its part in helping to achieve environmental sustainability and help to fight climate change. Following the research, it is seen that McDonalds are implementing several measures to help, such as reducing their wastage which is seen as their main issue to address by making their packaging thinner and converting their used chip oil into bio-diesel to power their delivery fleet. There are other options that they need to be thinking about though. As a huge worldwide company, they contribute a massive amount of waste and this can be reduced if they take the appropriate action. 2.0 Introduction The aim of this report is to outline the authors' educated definition of Environmental Sustainability and apply this to evaluate the positive and negative impacts an organisation can have upon the environment. McDonalds will be the organisational focus for this report. (See Appendix 1) By taking an in-depth look into how the global organisation McDonalds interprets their definition of environmental sustainability, and the positive and negative impacts that this global organisation is having upon the environment will enable the authors of this report to make educated recommendations. ...read more.


There are also now copper roofing systems being implemented from recycled radiators and wires. These changes are better for the environment and help save McDonalds rising costs in electricity (Journal on Environmental Health (1993)). . McDonalds also needs to try finding ways to reduce the amount of waste its consumers throw on the streets. In the UK, McDonalds made up more than a quarter of all fast-food litter and was named the most littered brand in the country by researchers at the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. McDonalds needs to take greater responsibility for the amount of packaging waste they produce and the litter it creates. However, it can be argued that they do provide the necessary bins needed for customers to dispose their rubbish in and so it is the responsibility of the customer to dispose of their rubbish correctly.The amount of litter on the streets with McDonald's name on it can tarnish the image of McDonalds and contradict all the good that they are doing in reducing the amount of paper packaging they use (www.businessgreen.com). Possible methods of tackling this problem are for McDonalds to encourage people to eat-in more, thereby reducing the amount of waste that leaves the restaurant. This can be done by introducing incentives for people to stay in or offering a small price discount if they stay in to eat. They should post anti-litter signs in their restaurants to discourage littering in the streets and they should provide more bins nearby their restaurants so customers can dispose of their rubbish. 3.6 Environmental Protection Agency Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, every business has a legal responsibility to manage their waste, its disposal, collection and treating, whilst it is in their possession. It also requires passing the waste to authorised person in order to dispose of it correctly. In the ENCAMS publication 'Your Rubbish and the Law, The guide for business'(2006), there are procedures presented, which should be followed in accordance to the regulations: * Provide enough litter bins, preferably covered ones. ...read more.


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