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McDonalds training and development programme is a valuable contribution to the 100% consumer satisfaction goal that the company aims to achieve.

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Training and Development McDonalds training and development programme is a valuable contribution to the 100% consumer satisfaction goal that the company aims to achieve. The training and development programme takes place in certain stages. Firstly employees receive an orientation of the work area. This is the induction stage where employees are first introduced to the workplace and existing staff. It is a chance for employees to become familiarised with surroundings before they actually have to carry out the jobs assigned to them. This is why an induction is important because it means that when an employee's starts work they are able to carry out tasks to a better standard. After the initial induction period McDonalds operates on and off the job training to new employees. On the job training involves the staff being trained up in the job they have been set where as off the job training is where employees go and take health and safety courses, food safety and first aid classes. ...read more.


Appraisals These are used to highlight the effectiveness of an employee to the business they work for. Appraisals are likely to take place after the first few weeks of the employees contract to see how they are settling in and how they are developing. Whether there is anything that they need to work on or anything they should carry on doing. Objectives can be set for the employee as well to ensure they are always striving to improve their performance in all areas. McDonalds employees may be set targets after appraisals such as making service quicker and making sure that the high standards of food quality is maintained. Self and Peer Evaluation This takes place by a more experienced employed who works on the same level as the person being evaluated. It is another type of appraisal but is done by someone who is in close constant working relationship. ...read more.


Measuring output can also be performed on a personal level and targets can be set to employees. Incentives can be offered to staff to try and make sure that output is at a sufficient level. Incentives offered to McDonalds staff are stars. McDonalds runs a five star system and each star shows that employees level of service. The star system can also mean that staff become competitive and try to earn more stars than fellow employees. This is positive for McDonalds service. The problems with Performance Management are that it is very costly in terms of man-hours, which converts to money. The man-hours spent on seeing how employees are performing could be used to try and maximise production. Personal feeling must not get in the way of someone's evaluation. This may be a problem is there are personal feelings between employees. McDonalds uses a target setting performance method. It is usually done with a whole workforce and not on an individual basis. The main target for McDonalds is to reduce complaints and improve service. ...read more.

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