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Mcdonalds Training

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McDonalds Training and Development Training and recruitment is one of the most important actions that must be performed by a business because they would always need employees and they must train them so that they should know what has to be done at work. If the employee recruited is not trained to use particular equipment it might result in minor or severe injuries or there might not be any work done at all. In McDonalds there are several training. Some of the main reasons why training is given to the employees is to ensure that they follow the health and safety rules, the work is efficient and fast and that the employees can carry out the tasks confidently. One of the purpose for training such as burger training would be that the employee learns how to make the burgers clean because if the employee doesn't wash his hands and touches those burgers then this might spread infection and the customer might sue the company. There are different types of training given to the employees at McDonalds. ...read more.


In other words its building up of practical skills by actually experiencing the work instead of watching someone do it or reading on how to do something. The employees are always trained for burgers and this is called 'HamBurger Training' where the employee might be sent outside the workplace to learn all the hygiene techniques and health and safety. Off Job Training is when an employee is trained outside the actual workplace and builds up practical skills because they are trained by actually doing the work, for example an employee might be sent to McDonalds head office to be trained and would learn different techniques that are actually used by the head office to do their work. Job rotation is when employee from one department is asked to work in another department, so that the employee gets the idea of how work is done in other departments, for example an employee from the kitchen is asked to work at the drive through so that if the actual employee that works in drive through is not present then the employee trained for it would be able to do the work there. ...read more.


This might also impress the customers because of the service that is given to them McDonalds always invests in their employees as it is regarded as UK's one of the best training business. National awards are given every month, an employee of the month is chosen depending on how they work, this means that the employee would get �20 as a bonus in his / her salary, this would make the employees do better work and earn more. McDonalds are involved with investors in people. Investors in people is a voluntary assessment scheme in UK, it aims to improve the organisational performance and training process by better planning and evaluation of learning across businesses of all sizes and sectors. For staff there are awards such as discount for many companies and Customer Care Awards are given to the best customer services staff. Training awards are given such as qualification for English NVQ and Maths NVQ. McDonalds is the first large company in the UK to win top scores McDonalds provide training awards as well, this is done by a competition, the employee is sent to the main training office and if the employee succeeds then he or she is given an award such as �200 pounds. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report states a number of different ways that McDonald's use for training new employees. However some sections lack detail, such as the 'On Job Training'. In addition, there's some grammar/spelling errors within ...

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Response to the question

In summary, the report is quite good. The report states a number of different ways that McDonald's use for training new employees. However some sections lack detail, such as the 'On Job Training'. In addition, there's some grammar/spelling errors within the report which need amending. The student acknowledges that businesses will need to train new employees, to ensure that their job role will be undertaken efficiently by the employee. In addition, the student understands how Health & Safety plays a large part of training within McDonald's, as employees are dealing with consumer's food and this is an important aspect for each employee to grasp.

Level of analysis

The section 'On Job Training' is too vague and lacks detail. The student should include additional information within this section, to show the exmainer that the student has an in-depth understanding. For example, the report could include 'Employee's will often undertake a number of failures at their work environment, especially when their start work for the first few weeks. It's important that these failures are managed carefully and when the employee fails, the manger ensures that this wouldn't be undertaken again, and prevents the error from occurring. This is effective, as the employee will understand what She/He has done wrong and what to do next time which is useful'. On the flip side, the student understands why businesses may undertake job rotation, as this is to ensure that if an employee is away for one reason or another the employees will be able to undertake the work with relative ease. The student understands this, which is quite good and shows the examiner good understanding.

Quality of writing

The report in some parts show sexist use of text. This may be an error, and this is quite easily done when writing a report. Although some areas state 'he' and others state 'She/he'. It's important that all of these are written as 'She/He' to ensure that this is an accurate and fair report. Some aspects of the report do not make sense. At the top of the report is states that all types of training are within the workplace. However further down the report the section 'Off Job Training' is outside the workplace. This doesn't make sense, and should be corrected. At the bottom of the report, the student states '£20', and then further on it states '£200'. I'm assuming the correct amount is '£200', and this should be corrected within the report.

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Reviewed by danielbeal 01/04/2012

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