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measuring individual productivity

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Measuring individual and group productivitycan be a hard area for the appraiser to work in, because they have to provide a lot of appraisal for each individual employee. This means that there maybe very little difference between different employee's appraisals and this may cause dissatisfaction. Supervisors can see how the behaviour of an employee effects the performance of their work; this is what most businesses believe is the result of quality work; the employee's behaviour and attitude to their work instead of their capabilities. The capability of an employee comes second to the behaviour of the employee, because these can be altered easier than a person's behaviour and natural instincts. As you can see from the above information, there are a lot of areas involved with performance management, and many clash with other parts of human resources, such as training and development. ...read more.


This would be a strong link between training and development and performance management, so the business can guarantee that all there employees are up to date with all types of training they need to perform effectively within the business. This knowledge could then be tested every six to twelve months so the business is sure that each employee has had fresh training. This should mean the business would be far more productive and the employees would work better together as they all will share the knowledge of the business. Also some businesses are recently treating the behaviour of employees as just as important as their capabilities. This means that managers have to be sure they are employing staff that has the correct attitude and behaviour for the job. If they get this wrong in the recruitment and selection part of human resources, then it could lead to a lot of time and money being wasted through someone who doesn't have what it takes to do the job effectively for the business. ...read more.


This involves observing, measuring and developing the performance of employees. Performance can be measured against criteria's such as output, quality and speech. Boots operates some form of staff appraisal or staff development scheme. Common stages of staff appraisal are as follows: 1) The line manager meets with the jobholder to discuss what is expected. The agreed expectations may be expressed in terms of targets, performance standards or required job behaviors- attributes, skills and attitudes 2) The outcome of the meeting is recorded and usually signed by both parties 3) The job-holder performs the job for a period of six months or a year 4) At the end of the period, the job-holder and line manager or team leader meet again to review and discuss progress made. They draw up new action plans to deal with identified problems such as more training and agree targets and standards for the next period. ...read more.

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