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Meeting the Challenge of Sexual Harassment

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Case Study Report Of Meeting the Challenge of Sexual Harassment Meeting the challenge of sexual harassment should start with a clear understanding of what constitute sexual harassment. For example, the three women in this case study have been exposed to working with men that have pasted photos of bare breasted women, Playboy magazines, and sexist literature. There was breast grabbing and propositions being made by a male boss, etc. These behaviors were uncomfortable situation for the female employees involved in the cases, which lead to their civil rights being violated and ultimately becoming a law suit. Companies had to take a look at the cost of law suits and how the company was affected by sexual harassment and implement training, procedure and ...read more.


In these cases, monetary settlements and judgments where rewarded in favor of the plaintive. Leaving the employers feeling the effects of sexual harassment suits, because employer is ultimately liable for what goes on within the company, and should have taken action right away to resolve the problem, before it became a major issue. Because of Supreme Court rulings on sexual harassment, employers have taken great measure to prevent sexual harassment within the company, and to deal with it effectively when the problem occurs. Employers realized that sexual harassment caused productivity to be down, absenteeism to be up, and the turnover rate to increase, costing the company big profit loses. ...read more.


Some, but not all cases of sexual harassment will be reported, not all cases will result in a law suit, but companies are responsible for making the work environment a safe, non-hostile and non-harassing workplace for its employees. Companies will have to stay on top of the issue of sexual harassment with 20 to over 50 percent of the working women, and 15 percent of working male employees having experienced it. With six figure suits being paid out to each plaintiff even if they opt to settle out of court, company can not afford to not look at sexual harassment as a real and serious issue. ...read more.

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