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methods of learning and how they can be assessed

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Reflective Practice Audit Introduction Within this audit I am going to be talking about the methods of learning and how they can be assessed. I will be showing the skills and experiences of which I have, how they have been developed and a SWOT analysis to evaluate myself. Then I will have expanded on the findings of my skills and experiences, with the final point that I will then be constructing a table showing my short and long-term targets to develop skills and learning styles. Then I will have a final inclusion of my bibliography and references by using the Harvard referencing style. Methods From my research I have found out that there are four main learning styles of which I have explained below: - Pragmatist With a pragmatist they like using new ideas, theories and techniques to find out how they perform. They like applying sensible solutions to problems, and they are usually willing to recognise that there is more than likely a more effective method of performance and it is worthwhile. ...read more.


I have performed work experience in Hennessey & Co. (Accounting Partnership). I have personal qualities that involve the fact that I am punctual, a good listener, attentive, organised, reliable, honest and hardworking. I have a well developed and deep knowledge of financial and management accounting. As well as the fact that I have an extensive range of IT knowledge and skills. I need to obtain higher level accounting related qualifications that cater for management accounting and the accounting laws. I will require more confident to be able to improve the level at which I can perform a presentation and therefore interact with people of all ages. To enhance my confidence and improve more social life I would like to become more of a group worker. Opportunities Threats There is a large amount of chances to collect specialised accounting qualifications/training. Within the accounting sector there is always demand for new candidates, of which is due to the fact that there isn't a large of people who want to work in this area. ...read more.


From the methods I have used as shown above I have found out that I am a reflective learner due to the fact that observe/listen to information before I analyse it an come to a conclusion of what to do using my opinion, as I like to collect a large range of information and view the whole picture. Recommendation For this I have constructed a table to show aims that I need to meet in the future, as recommendations of my learning: - Short-term targets Use my time effectively by performing work for assignments on a daily basis, and consistently analysing my work to improve the standards/grammar of work to help me deadlines. Preparing for presentations, performing them effectively to increase my confidence and help me be able to answer questions to a certain extent. Long-term targets Improve my interaction with people to help me present data to a large range of aged people. Learn about more accounting related information such as the law, and gain more highly skilled accounting qualifications. Maintain a high level of attendance of which is above 80% over the year and be highly punctual. 1 ...read more.

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